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Atlanta Technical College

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Published: 18 February 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

I enrolled in Atlanta Technical Institute 5 years ago and received my Barbering diploma. I decided to return Fall of 2014 however the admissions office couldn’t get my readmission status updated until I contacted the head of admissions, Mr. Vory Billups and within 2 days I was readmitted for Fall of 2015. Now Atlanta Technical College, the first day of classes I noticed most classes were filled to capacity. While the average class has 30 seats, the rooms were so full that students were leaning against walls and sitting on the floor. Definitely a fire hazard and Spring semester I will take it upon myself to contact the fire department to address these issues. | Atlanta Technical College boasts of having the best technology on campus however many of the computers in the library lack subscriptions for Microsoft office so when you are doing coursework, it is difficult to meet the standards set by instructors. The copy machine in the library has been out of order all semester, the printer works some days and for the last two weeks has had a note stating the printer is not printing at its best capacity and some pages may be unreadable but no refunds will be given. The scanner has been out of order since early September, school began mid August. Each student, whether full or part time pays a $105 technology fee every semester which is supposed to cover these items and we only have one of each. You’d think the technology fee of 1000+ students would cover not only repairs, but the purchase of additional printers, scanners and Microsoft subscriptions. | Atlanta Technical College security is rarely visible near the classrooms. Two weeks ago a fight broke out in one of the classrooms after a heated classroom discussion. The instructor had to run out of his class to find security and it took over 5 minutes for them to return. By this time students had came out of other classes as the fight was loud and extremely disruptive. In the end it was other students who stopped the fight. 5 minutes is plenty of time for anyone to walk into the school, commit a crime and exist the premises before anyone can chase down security. Visit the admissions office and you will find at least 1 security officer glued to the seat at all times. This officer will not let you answer your phone, enter admissions without permission or stand outside the single file line. The staff is extremely safe, the students, on the other hand who pay a mandatory campus safety fee of $17 per semester, are not privy to this level of safety. | Financial aid has a nasty habit of withholding students loan monies. These are not scholarship or federally awarded funds but loans students take out for additional assistance with books, supplies, transportation and room and board. Students pay a 4.2% minimum interest rate on these funds. My loan money was received by the school on September 2, 2015, as of November 1, 2015 I have yet to receive the loan funds and the Business Office voicemail states they are currently processing the September 16, 2015 refunds. I’ve contacted my financial aid officer, Cheryl Billups, several times via phone as she sits behind a bulletproof glass and doesn’t see anyone in person. After leaving messages I called the presidents office to inform them of Cheryl Billups lack of follow-up. At that time she answered the phone with an attitude, told me she sent me an email then hung up the phone in my face. That was 3 weeks ago and I haven’t received that email yet. | Atlanta Technical College has instructors who love their profession, are currently working and excelling in their career fields and are devoted to their students. Unfortunately that doesn’t outweigh the unprofessional, unresponsive and unconcerned administrative staff one has to encounter for all business outside the classroom.

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