Atlanta Unique Auto Sales Norcrose, GA

Atlanta Unique Auto Sales Norcrose, GA Review

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Published: 03 June 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

I purchased a soft top 2004 benz clk from atlanta unique auto sales on march 16 2014. I gave them a $5000 down payment after driving from Louisiana to Georgia to get the car. I had my husband check the car because I know car dealers take advantage of women but after test driving it was fine with only 70000 miles. The first red flag was that they advertise the price at $9999 but when they did the financing they raised the price to $21000. i bought the car anyway and drove all the way back to Louisiana. When I got home I noticed that the soft top was broken as well as the back window. So I called them that day and they said bring it back to atlanta so they could fix it. I was reluctant seeing as how it was an 8 hour drive but when I had a mechanic give me an estimate it was gonna cost over $1000. So I drove back to atlanta only to have them make me wait all day and then tell me that their mechanic wasn’t going to come fix it! Needless to say I was highly upset!!! I waisted my time and gas and the problem was still not fixed. So I paid out of my own pocket and brought the car to a body shop called California customs on manhattan st in Harvey, LA 70058. A couple days after my car was in the shop I get a phone call from California customs and they told me that someone came there with official documents to get my car!!! This happened on April 28, 2014! So they tell me the lien holder which is atlanta unique auto sales came to reposess my car!! I have only had my car for a month and 12 days I have paid them $5000 for the down payment and paid my car note to them, (in house financing), and they just took my car today from the body shop and brought it back to atlanta!!!! If you decide to do business with this company it is at your own risk! You have been formally warned!!!! Please do not lose your hard earned money like I did!! I am going to the body shop tomorrow with the police as I have already filed my car as stolen, they closed before I got off from work today and they conviently called me right before they closed. This report is not over!! I will update everyone as the outcome unfolds but please believe they will not get away with this! They are crooks who prey on people who cant attain conventional financing. Do not i repeat do not do business with atlanta unique auto sales in norcross Ga unless you want to become a victim like me! You have officially been Warned!!!!!!

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