Atlanta Xpress Lube & Brakes #1024

Atlanta Xpress Lube & Brakes #1024

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Published: 29 December 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

I had a U-joint problem that had my vehicle vibrating at speeds above 63 mph. I went to get an oil change and asked the employees if they new of a shop that would repair U-Joints. I was then told that they had a mechanic that could do it for me. I asked the mechanic what would be the price of doing it and he state approximately $110-$120. I came back to get it done and they ended up charging me $170. I drove off the lot and after reaching 45mph the U-joint vibration was even worse than I originally came to get repaired. I immediately returned to the store and advised mechanic that it was even worse than when I came in. Since it was late on Saturday he asked me to return Monday. I returned Monday and the mechanic again replaced the U-joints with no luck in fixing problem. I then returned that Wednesday looking to get a refund which the District manager named Steve then asked another mechanic friend of his to come by to check out the situation. The new mechanic then stated that it was not a problem of the U-joints but a Rear-End problem. I not wanting to get in a heated argument so I decided to get it fixed somewhere else and to see if it was a false statement. I then would return to try to get my refund. I found the statement to be “Truly False”. I found out that the problem was the replaced U-joints were missing cap clips which causes driveshaft to become unbalanced. This work was done at a drive line specialist shop that was reccomended to me by the Chevy Dealer who had done the majority of my services on my Suburban. The cost was even extremely affordable at a price of $106. The situation would not have existed if the mechanic, in the beginning, was not sure he could handle the job. The shop should not have taking on the business of stealing my money. Steven Atlanta, GeorgiaU.S.A.

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