Atlanta's Best Auto Broker

Atlanta's Best Auto Broker

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Published: 31 July 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

I purchase a vehicle at this company, in june 2018 the next day the car start tremble i took it to alignment place and the owner look at the vehicle and told me that my brake pad was all most gone, he ask me when did i get the car and i told him friday he said take it back. ok the owner wanted me to pay for that i told him no i just got the car friday so the other guy pay for it, 2days later the car was smelling to find out the carpet was wet on the passenger side the heating core have stop working, took the car back refuse to fix that problem, week later the aircondition stop working transmission start dragging refuse to fix that. reported this company to the BBB hoping that, that would make them fix the problem refuse and didnt respond back to bbb. They sold me a lemon car this car i pay 370.00 a month a 12,000 car with so many problem the transmission is getting worster. This is a 2004 Chey Impala that didnt have any maintance did on it, its giving me a headache. friday the company call the repo company to pickup the car, i went to the company i told her that i pay my car note and why did the repo come now sense i been dealing with this company they have had many turn over. now its somebody else new working their. Anyway she said cause of the pickup notes i left owed 300.00. I told her that i had to get a mirror installed on this car cause the company promise to do it but didnt do i. I ask her to see the reciept i gave the company on the item i purchase and she let me see that the old person thur them away, so they didnt take anything off for the stuff i purchase when they said they was going to do it.Update transmission still slipping heating core isnt fix,aircondition isnt fix. Tammy Grant Atlanta Georgia

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