Atlantic Adjustment Company

Atlantic Adjustment Company

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Published: 07 February 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

Car was repo by this company early this morning, I called and made an appointment to get my personal belongings from the car. The women I talked with said it would be a $50.00 fee to get my stuff, she said she did not know what the fee was for. When I got there, the man I talked to first ignored me when I asked what they fee was for. I asked to speak to the boss (Jeff Logan) came out and said its a fee we charge everyone an adminstrative fee for storage etc. Well if you pick my car up this morning I am here this afternoon, there is not storage, can you show me somewhere in writing where this is your standard fee. Jeff’s reply was either pay the fee or go home without your stuff. Now there was a framed statement on the wall stating an initial storage fee of $25.00 and an additional $1 per day per bag for items stored. So we called the police, went outstide to wait for them and when we came back in the officer, the framed statement had been removed from the wall!!!!!! They were in the process of changing it and had not had time to get up back up before we came back it. The boss (Jeff) became very insaltive, ignorant and said your appointment is cancelled so you have to leave and reschedule to get your stuff. As if that was not enough, another employee the individual who drove my car there while I was standing outstide, chimed in and said, “well if you pay your car payments, you would’nt have these problems”. This was after he had been standing looking in the little window laughing at our situation for a few minutes. Jeff (the boss) told us to get out and went in his office and shut his door. The police officer said it was not a criminal matter we had to take it up in civil court. After Jeff got his rocks off thowing his weight around because he had my stuff, the other employee (Dave, the only one in the place with any common sence, respect or decency about him) went it and asked Jeff if he would let us get the stuff. So we had to pay them the $50.00 and get the stuff and left. But you can’t just make up fees and take my money and disrespect me because you think you have the upper hand because you have my belongings. So therefore I am writing this report. This company is untrustworthy, they are disrespectful and they make up fees to be whatever they choose at the time.

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