Atlantic Coast Contracting

Atlantic Coast Contracting

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Published: 25 February 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

Brent Tillman of Atlantic Coast Contracting, 25 Atlanta St., Marietta GA 30060, 678-327-1271 is a predatory extortionist. Now you have all the information you need to tell him so. I met a friend at Johnny McCraken’s for a beer. I arrived at 8:01 pm and parked in the lot behind Morrison Law Offices because it was clearly after hours and the entire building was dark. Neither I or my friend could see the impossibly small sign that read “…cars will be booted. Minimum fee $125.00” and we went inside for about an hour and each had exactly one beer. When we came out, both of our cars had been booted with a note taped to our windows with the number above and saying that “Your car is parked illegally. Your tag number has been recorded and you are currently being videotaped. For removal of immobilization device Call: 678-327-1271.”Before we even called and within a minute, a gentleman appeared (not Brent Tillman) with a receipt book and keys. After a short polite discussion about the lack of clear and obvious signage, we went back into the bar for a moment before going back to deal with the situation. There we learned from one of the waitresses that Brent Tillman actually owns a business and is able to pay for office space directly on the square in a historic district located in the building at 25 Atlanta St., that does nothing but boot cars that miss the impossibly small signage and extort $125.00 from every single one of the 15 to 20 parking spaces 24 hours a day. City Council is aware of this and has debated the issue with and about him for quite some time but, as of yet, has done little to nothing about this immoral, unethical and predatory practice.Anyone that would like to enjoy the businesses on the square in Marietta, please be advised that if you park, even for a moment and leave your vehicle, in the lot of the Morrison Law Offices. A gentleman, watching from 3 video cameras on the roof of the building, will jump out as soon as you leave sight of him and put a boot on your car then extort $125.00 from you. Lesson well learned.I would also HIGHLY suggest that you do not give your business to the Morrison Law Firm, LLC, Marietta, GA since it is quite obvious that they are the primary reason for this predatory schmuck to be able to extort fees in excess of 200% greater than the average fee to release a vehicle from a boot in commercial private parking lots. A Ripoff Scams has now been filed and every consumer protection advisory applicable will soon follow.Other than that, it was a very pleasant evening…

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