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Atlantic Coast Moving & Storage, Inc.

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Published: 07 February 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

These guys were so verbally abusive to me I wish I could sue them right now. They had me take photos of everything they were agreeing to take, and I had to email the photos to them before they gave me a price. Then they gave me a “Solid Price” (or so they said) which they later demanded more money after having loaded almost half of the stuff they agreed to. I refused to pay double or triple the price, and they only took literally half of what they agreed to take in the first place and they charged more money for even taking that. I had to pay $35 more then they told me, but they took literally hundreds of pounds of stuff less. They agreed to almost a ton of pallets, plus furniture and other trash and misc debirs as well. They literally took half of the load and charged more. | Beyond that they were literally 7 hours late I was calling all day asking what they doing amd they kept saying they were almost there. | First they claimed “They accidently scheduled up at 11:00 AM instead of 9:00 AM, and we were ok with that. Then By 1:00 they hadn’t called and I got in touch after multiple calls which they claimed they were “On the way”, At almost 2:30 they said they were coming from scarborough. We were scheduled at 9:00 AM, They didn’t show up until about 4:00 PM, and when they showed up they didn’t have moving help half an hour. The driver showed up about 3:30 PM. Than the one moving guy,showed up at about 4:00 after multiple calls from his driver. The moving guy “Harry” apparantly the owner was also extremely verbally abusive the entire time he was in my property. He was extremely verbally abusive to me especailly swearing, and complaining, and yelling, as well as kicking things, and throwing things. He was out of control completely. He was swearing and complaining, yelling and berating me about the price which he himself quoted the entire time, after having multiple digital photos and a list that we talked about over 2 days in advence ahead of time on the phone. | He was demanding more money and refusing to take what they agreed, but only after having loaded about half of the load. (Remember now that I had to send multiple “High Definition Photos” from different angles of the same pile of stuff. I gave a literal list of everything they were expected to take on the phone prior to them even quoting a price. Their “Solid Price” was a straight up lie. Beyond that their website “claims a 15% discount for first time customers and the elderly” & I didn’t get either. | After loading half the load they tried to claim they charged by the weight (that the “DUMP” charged by the weight, then 15 minutes later, he was saying they charged by the yard, and a few minutes after that he claimed they didn’t go to the dump at all and they would be charge by the item for electronics and stuff at the “Recycling Depot”. These guys were changing their story mid sentence while being verbally abusive to me. | They tried everything they could do to try to steal any more money that they could in any dishonest way they could. When the dump charges by weight (and I was told originally by the owner that they actually go to the “DUMP” not a recycling place or any of that junk they tried to pull. Dealing with this company was like a texas holdup with price gouging. | They literally changed their story mid sentence trying to get more money 3 times in a row, I literally agreed to more money 3 times in a row, before refusing to pay a dime more. These guys were trying to rob me. I could not believe it, it was like the guy was possessed or something. He was swearing and insulting me, yelling, throwing things and kicking things. It was absolutely innapropriate and beyond that he was refusing to take most of the stuff, while trying to get more money every 5 minutes. These guys are so dishonest is it really disgusting, but being verbally abusuve to a disabled customer, is really disgusting. I am physically disabled and they did that to me knowing it was obvious. | They took half of what they agreed to take, and charged $35.00 dollars more then the quote to taken half of what they agreed. Beyond that they were verbally abusive the entire time. If I wasn’t adamant about them taking even what they did and agreeing to more money 3 times in a row they would have only taken 2 dressers and a desk for the price they quoted for everything including about a ton of pallets and wood. Which they left. | In our first conversation we discussed the fact that there would be a bed, a desk, 2 dressers, a pile of pallets and wood that was like a ton, multiple printers, fans, a tv and more misc junk. He wanted photos before quoting a solid price so he knew what the load was. He said is was all “Part of the deal” he also claimed to be doing this business for “27 years” in which case he would know how to accurately quote a solid price. This is obviously not true at all. These people are dishonest and abusive. | This company really makes me sick the fact that they got away with verbally abusing me for almost an hour makes me literally sick. I wish I could sue them for their verbal abuse of me and price gouging. Having to email pictures to get an “emailed price, and then having a company do a texas holdup on you and refuse to take what they agreed should not be legal. Nobody should be verbally abused by a business, especially not for a price quoted by a business they don’t like after the fact. That is beyond despicable business practice. | They also demanded cash, and refused to accept any other payment type even from the fist call. This business is definitely not on the up and up. | Please do not let this company victimize you or your family. Their verbal abuse and hold up tactics are really upsetting. Nobody should ever consider this company for anything. Absolutely shameful what they did to me. | Just think about this, he knew I was a low income family, a physically disabled man, who has 5 children and don’t have almost any extra money. This company is trying to victimize people who can’t fight back.

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