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Published: 01 June 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

I was a young college student who was losing his hair. I did not have a lot of money and so this place seemed to be the best match for me. Kris Johnson who is a fast talking guy made an impression on me. He sold me the world, he told no problem to this and that. He told me he had so much experience, and showed pictures and he would have said anything. Everything seemed fine to me but I still knew something did not seem right. His office was sketchy, his receptionist was sketchy, his pictures of patients were sketchy. etc. I was just so depressed with my hair situation I wanted it fixed, so I guess I did not pay attention. When someone is a depressed as I was you don’t see straight. The day I got the surgery, I remember his office was locked and he was 30 mins late. I remember standing outside thinking to myself. Something does not feel right and I CAN still leave and go home and maybe I should, (in retrospect I wish I did) but then he showed up. Kris is not a doctor, however he performed 90% of the surgery. There was a nonspeaking English Dr. in the room who just watched and there were 2 assistants there also no english. I remember thinking why is Kris doing the surgery? and I could almost swear I saw Kris handed cash to the Doctor. What was I going to do? I was in the middle of the surgery? I just had a major section of my donor hair removed and blood was just coming out. What would you do? When it was over I suffered more than anyone human should ever, I was stitched up so terribly that blood was just ozzing out for days. When things began to heal up I could see although I paid for 4,000 graphs, only about 1,000 were done, and the instrument he used made massive pock marks in my head, and the slice that he made in the back of my head look like Frankenstein’s face. I was mortified and I fell into a deeper depression, I lost my wife, my job, and many other things because I had to wear a hat to hid the embarrassment. If evil exists in the world it would be Kris Johnson, G-d will punish him severely. When I called they has changed the telephone number. As of today 7/25/2014 – I notice Atlantis is still in business, IF they change their name and I am sure they will…watch out.

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