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Published: 11 February 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

I found this company on LinkedIN while searching for jobs. There were several entry-level positions open: junior marketing coordinator, junior marketing manager, assistant manager, etc. The post claims that they will train you for the position, offer a management training program, and pay upwards of $30,000 at entry level and the potential to earn $60-80K if you are promoted into management. I applied at midnight and was called back before I woke up the next day. I had an interview scheduled before I had a chance to really look into the company. The job titles are extremely misleading and their description is just vague enough that it seems like it might not be an MLM scheme. First of all, the job is standing in a booth at Costco trying to convince people to install DirecTV. None of these are legitimate marketing jobs, they are aggressive sales positions. They can call it “direct marketing” all they want, but it is sales. Nobody needs a third-party salesman to get set up with DirecTV. If someone really wants DirecTV they can go online or call DirecTV to set it up. This job is nonsensical in itself and relies on high-pressure sales so the “marketing coordinator” can earn their paycheck through commission. If you go on GlassDoor you will see that employees are only being paid $12 and change per hour, which is significantly under the $30,000 advertised in the job posting. According to reviews online, full-time hours are not even guaranteed. Many of the reviews on GlassDoor and Google are good, but they are all employee reviews that seem painfully forced. Plus, why would anyone working there write a bad review when they need the company to seem legit so they can build their own downline? Read the bad reviews on GlassDoor. Read the other reviews on this site. The CEO boasts about the company’s A+ BBB rating, but you can pay for a good rating from the BBB. There are no reviews–good or bad–about this company on the site which seems fishy to me. The management training program described in the ad is a mentor program that grooms its employees into being their own MLM business owners. This is not a program to become a well-trained, respectable manager. This is a “program” to train future Cydco/DS-Max/Smart-Circle “CEOs.” I scheduled my interview with them before I realized what this company was. They told me to wear business professional attire to the interview. I was pretty annoyed after I spent $100 and way too much time finding a suit only to discover this company is a well-disguised MLM. I canceled the interview so that I wouldn’t waste any more money on gas and parking. If you are ok with working in a MLM business, then this company may be for you. But I just want everyone to be aware of what they are signing up for so they don’t think they are getting into an entry-level marketing job that will give them the experience to move into a real marketing job.

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