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Copy Your ID and Pay stubs, 'Families' ONLY

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Published: 07 September 2020

Posted by: FFain

This review is based on two separate interactions:


#1 – Called and spoke to ”Darlene” (unknown last name)

Darlene gave information regarding the ”Stable Home Rent Assistance ’Program’.” According to this ’program’ one must live between Issaquah and Woodinville in the State of Washington. In order to qualify for this ’program’ one must have a family which includes at least one child. The ’program’ does not assist single people or couples.

There are issues of alienation regarding single men and women, because often single men and women aren’t able to weather a storm after a housing crisis. It is difficult to be on a single income and be wiped out, yeah?

Specifically, on the phone, Darlene stated, ”we only help families” in a snappy voice. This may be off-putting to anyone simply seeking information about a situation for themselves or a loved one. She ’referred’ me, who she presumed to be  a single person calling in for myself to, ”The Emerald City Guide.” She did not explain what this was and spoke in non-profit jargon at me, not to me.

Regarding privacy, you will have none if you use ”The Stable Home Rent Assistance ’Program’” and be forced to identify yourself via multiple means to Attain Housing. If you do have a ’family’ and elect to use ”The Stable Home Rent Assistance ’Program’,”  you must prove you and your family members’ identities  to Attain Housing via documentation. You must put your child’s name and birth date into their system. This must also be referenced on a lease, as well. This is all per, ’Darlene Unknown.’

This ’program’ only pays for the move-in deposit and you must surrender documents such as pay-stubs and bank statements to Attain Housing for at least 60 days.  

When I asked what people who may be witnesses of crimes or victims of crimes can do to protect their privacy, I was told by ’Darlene Unknown’  ”the information is only accessible to us, no one else has access to our computer system.” That’s not really enough to convince me!

Keep in mind, once your information is out there, it is out there. It does not matter how nice or ’assuring’ the other party may be regrading keeping their records private. Go with your gut.


#2 – Jesse Perrell – Housing Coordinator  (originally of North Bend, Washington)

Mr. Perrell, when asked about help offered to single adults referenced the infamous ”211” also known as ”United Way”. It was unclear whether or not rental assistance via this means was available to single adults through their location. Mr. Perrell was very busy and not focused on answering questions directly. This interaction occurred in person.

It is clear via Attain Housing’s website that the Transitional Housing and ”Stable Home Rent Assistance ’Program’ ” both applied to families of 2 or more. When I attempted to further question Mr. Perrell about what his organization was to do about single adults in Kirkland who need rent assistance he referenced homeless shelters or encampments. When asked when a ’friend’ of mine who lived in their car was supposed to do, he said at the time ”tell them to get an online job and go use the library” and ”what about a sublet.” (this is a fictitious ’friend’ and I am not living in a car).

It did not appear Mr. Perrell was interested in even a couple minutes of discussing the root cause of people being displaced. Knowledge is power, and if you or someone you know is a single adult, you will be referenced to a homeless shelter to sleep on a dirty gymnasium floor on a mat, which is essentially a jail dorm replica.


-Be cautious of your privacy here.

-No help for single folks: ”go to a homeless shelter”  (or continue to live in a car) if you are single or inquiring for someone who is single! Great customer service!


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