Attorney Amy T. Cheng

Attorney Amy T. Cheng

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Published: 22 December 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

Amy T. Cheng was first assigned to me after I was jailed for a crime I didnt commit as part of much larger very well known act. 100’s of people know about it. the charges are not even serious. I have a clean record , but my family, gave a judge permission to build an entrapment circle around me that lead/leads to a gangstalking movement of which Amy T. Cheng knew about full well being as though Much of it involves the Island of Maui Hawaii, where she is from. I met Amy T. Cheng’s cousin in Maui . I did not know Amy T. Cheng would be my attorney, and she pretended to not know that my Uncle Carl Geyser of Newark Police Department put me in a traffic stop that he boasted about for years being combined charges with a girl that lied on behalf of both my uncle and a judge that I hit her. If it wasnt for the fact that this story was promoted for years in advance, I wouldnt even post this , there are so many people that know about this case having a completely alterior motive having more to do with who my family is , I wouldnt even risk showing my name in attachment to a complaint about attornies online like this. I want Amy T. Cheng to be recognized with the shame of not speaking up against what was happening whereon she could have acted as a witness to a complaint I filed with the Commission on Judical performance, Internal affairs with Newark Police, and the California State Bar about Michelle M. Quierolo. Amy T. Cheng acted on bad faith, and withheld important information that led to me being jailed for over 140 days. I still have not been charged due to a mix up in politics in the court but my uncle managed to reopen my case in another courtroom after the charges were dismissed and now a warrant for the most promoted entrapment on charges on obstruction of justice whereon I’ve already served close to the maximum is still out in my name. My family tried to seal the entire public defenders in Alameda county with the promise of an alterior value of which Amy seems to be more interested in . Amy T. Cheng embarassed me and in my opinion , the People of the State of California , who she serves as a Public Defender. I think the People would want my Uncle out of a job on this one, as well as a few other people. Amy gained close to nothing from not standing up. She would have been supported . She could have gained support from 100’s of people on the island she grew up on where rumors of this case were promoted not only through ordinary people but through police because my uncle tries to use the warrant, to extradite me as an enormous gestapo event with the police there, which is still on going and part of the grandeur of his trap . Amy T. Cheng is dishonorable as a Public Defender .

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