Attorney Arvand Naderi

Attorney Arvand Naderi

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Published: 04 December 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

Do NOT hire Atorney Arvand Naderi of Encino, California. Attorney Arvand Naderi is a convicted criminal who was indicted and prosecuted for the molestation of his own daughter and for illegal realtions with minor children. Furthermore, Attroney Arvand Naderi is a major courthouse tattletale and a huge SNITCH. The only reason that he is allowed to continue practicing law is because he is a courthouse informant. That means that he actually sells out his own clients to the prosecution and all other opposing sides. He sells the confidential information of his own clients to the prosecution. He is a sociopath who has NO conscience. He initially acts nice and gains the confidence of prospective clients. But immediatly after collecting the hefty retainers and taking the money and getting the client, that is when all the trouble strats. He gets damaging information from his poor unsuspecting clients and then he uses that information to secretly sell it all to the prosecution and anyone else who will ebenfit him. Then he slowly stops taking phone calls from his clients. He stops showing up to court for scheduled court dates for the poor clients. The instant that the client questions this behaviour, he callously uses a popular methos of lazy, crooked lawyers: He call CONFLICT on the case and easily gets off the client’s case , but still keeps all the money he had charged the client. The client is then robbed of all his ot her money and in deep with the prosecution and looking at major prison time and other horrible trouble. Attorney Arvand Naderi is a cancer. No one should hire him for any reason. And DO NOT believe any of the PHONY so called good reviews on avvo or yelp. Those are all phony reveiws that his fellow lawyers, in the same office as him, have left for him. All the lawyers in that same office do that for each other in order to hide the fact that they are corrupt lawyers. Do NOT be fooled by Attorney Arvand Naderi because he is a dangerous, underhanded, lying, trouble making snake. He will ruin your case and cause you to be sent to prison and he will cost you your life savings.

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