Attorney Dennis Shawn Stevens

Attorney Dennis Shawn Stevens

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Published: 06 October 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

Attorney Dennis Shawn Stevens of Dallas, Texas was terminated on Feburary 23, 2018 for attempting financial fraud in Plaintiff’s Samantha Carter’s case. Mr Stevens attempted to have client Samantha Carter to sign a 50,000.00 client case advancement loan offered by a Legal finance company called Fast Trek. Mr. Stevens informed the client that his law firm needs her to signature on a loan for his law firm and that the loan company cannot have the 50k wired into his bank account by 1pm on January 22, 2018 without it. The client did not understand why a law firm needed her to co-sign for a loan for a law firm. Mr. Stevens forbidden her to read the contract and demanded that she sign it and fax it back to him right then. She quickly read through it anyway as he was yelling and begging for her to sign the loan documents and noticed that the loan stated that it was for her to take care of herself while her case was going on…she informed the lawyer that the document does not state what he says it states. Mr.Stevens informed her, “I just told you what it states” and started screaming at the client and informed her that the documents states exactly what it he said it did regardless of what was in black and white…the client recited a bible verse to Mr. Stevens, To be anxious for noth…and click he hung up in her face…. Mr. Stevens had applied for this loan as the client in need of cash to support herself without the clients permission. A representative named Grace at Fast Trek has since deleted all files related to this loan. Mr. Stevens did not talk to client for a while and had a friend that introduced him to the client to talk for him. It turns out that the money was owed to the attorney that introduced Samantha Carter to Dennis Shawn Stevens and these lawyers were attemtping to use the clients case for the personal gain. Mr. Stevens called the client back begging for her sign the loan because he needed money to pay his 25k in past due rent that was owed to the attorney that introduced the two and he needed to support himself while the case was going on…he stated that only about 3k was actually going to be used towards her case. The client said no and Mr. Stevens began to completely disrepect the client on several occasions and he was finally terminated never doing any work on her case. In retaliation for his termination Mr. Stevens is attempting to have the client mentally confined or state a claim of incompetance and insanity of against the client in DC Probate courts. He hired Attorney Robin Fradkin of DC to represent him. This case is a Dallas, TX Case and Mr. Stevens is a Texas attorney. He flew 1900 miles away, three months after his termination to harm the client. Attorney Stevens and Samantha Carter have never physically met. Mr. Stevens was hired by phone and released by email. Mr. Stevens has promised DC Attorney Robin Fradkin some of the clients potential compensation to help him steal it legally. Mr. Stevens petition to have the client declared incompetent and insane were dismissed by DC Judge Christian. After the dismissal Mr. Stevens and Attorney Robin Fradkin attempted to have the client published in the DC newspapers and declared as a missing person in order to move on with her Texas case. Mr. Stevens requested her photo be published in the newspaper and declared if necessary dead. Mr. Stevens stated that he is the clients Attorney and she ran away and can not communicate or take care of herself. The client is a college graduate that moved to DC after being accepted to a DC University to further her education after her injury. She lived in DC before hiring Mr. Stevens. Mr. Stevens is now filing for conservatorship of the Samantha Carter Estate of a potential 10 million dollars and requesting that custody of the independent adult be given to someone. Samantha Carter was set on fire from an explosion on October 20, 2018 at the home of Dallas Football Player Tony Romo. There was an event at the home sponsored by the Collin County Rap Crisis Center of Plano. The explosion was rigged by John of Kent Rathbun Catering, Rathbun Special Events and Samantha Carter was hired by Trinity Event Staffing and RAD staffing LLC. All of the employeers contracted her to work as a Chef in a crew. After the explosion all of the companies and employees watched Samantha scream and suffer in agony for up to three hours before calling 911. Lisa of Trinity Event Staffing asked her to shut up and that she was disturbing their guest. Most of the guest were doctors AT&T the 12 million dollar mansion and only one heard her screams and came to the garage were she laid disfigured and her body starting to swell from being cooked. Billy Heid the investor for Kent Rathbun catering requested the EMT’s call her Jane Doe and leave a blank EMT report. The EMT left her in the back of the ambulance for an additional hour before taking off. Why The wait…”Dead injured Plaintiffs have no testimony.” She lives…. Several attorneys have joined Mr. Stevens to take the compensation that has not been granted: Former Attorney Vuk Vujasinovic of Houston, Former Attorney Jacob C Boswell of Dallas, Attorney Dimitate Dube of Dallas (never hired but attempted to bully client and take the case), Attorney Robert Collins(the defendants attorneys), Attorney Deon Lyons, Attorney Robin Fradkin and the Judge Tonya Parker has set things in her court to were if the case goes to trial and compensation is granted that the money goes into her trust account and not the clients according to Attorney Steve Bolden. The defendants have stated that out of the 25 million dollar insurance policy the client is worth nothing and there not going to pay anything to her for any reason. The clients has never been compensated to date and has not found and ethical attorney to take her case. She has been told that because of her demographics by her former attorneys that she is of no value.

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