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Published: 14 May 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

Attorney Herb Sachs STATE BAR NUMBER: 2785 602 S. Tenth Street ~Las Vegas , NV 89101 Phone Number: 702-387-0400 Fax number: 702-384-9495 Email: (email address removed by admin) Admit Date: 10/06/86 Law School: Brooklyn Law School Specialization: None Professional Liability Insurance: No Attorney complaint about Attorney Herb Sachs in Las Vegas, NV.Above information take from Nevada online state bar website. Attorney Herb Sachs told me to email him my confidential discovery about a case and he will help me with my case. He said to email the documents to him at (email address removed by admin) I emailed him and he never responded to confirm that he received the documents. I called a few days later to see if he received my documents and if he had a chance to look them over. Donna in his office answered the phone and yelled at me and LIED about me. She was a very angry woman. She yelled at me. She made me cry. I have enough problems in my life and I didn’t need to be yelled at by Attorney Herb Sach’s employee Donna. Donna had a mean harsh manly voice. She is a mean woman. She must live a hard life to be so mean to a total stranger on the phone. She hates people. Donna is pregnant with HATE! Herb Sachs then came on the phone and yelled at me. He totally LIED about me. Herb Sachs falsely accused me of things I did not say based on what Donna LIED to him about. Donna LIED and said that I questioned Herb Sachs crudentials. Donna simply LIED. Herb Sach’s has a PATHOLOGICAL LIAR NAMED DONNA WORKING IN HIS OFFICE!! Other attorneys say bad things about Herb Sachs because of the way he mishandled the Sandy Murphy case, I should of listened to everybody when they said don’t let Herb Sachs take my case. . IN FACT, I’M LETTING THE WORLD KNOW VIA THE INTERNET THAT HERB SACHS IS A BAD PERSON. HE TREATS HIS CLIENTS BAD. HE YELLED AT ME AND HUNG UP THE PHONE AND HIS SECRETARY DONNA YELLED AT ME AND HUNG UP THE PHONE ON ME. HERB SACHS LIED TO ME AND SAID HE WOULD TAKE MY CASE, THEN TURNED AROUND AND ALLOWED HIS OFFICE STAFF DONNA TO YELL AT ME WHILE HE CONDONED HER BEHAVIOR!! DONNA AT ATTORNEY HERB SACHS IS A PATHOLOGICAL LIAR AND A VERY BAD PERSON. AND ATTORNEY HERB SACHS IS ALSO A BAD PERSON. HE LIED AND SAID HE WOULD TAKE MY CASE AND HELP WITH MY UNEMPLOYMENT APPEAL, THEN TURNED AROUND YELLED AT ME! This is a very very bad law office and the public should be warned before they hire this firm. I simply asked Herb Sachs for help with an unemployment appeal, as I have been unemployed for three years. He LIED and said he would help me, then his secretary Donna yelled at me as if she was yelling at a dog. Attorney Herb Sachs approved of her behavior. Attorney Herb Sachs LIED! He said he would help me with my unemployment appeal, then he didn’t. He had his secretary Donna yell at me instead. Attorney Herb Sachs hurts people. He’s a very very very bad person. I can’t stress enough what a bad person Attorney Herb Sachs is. Attorney Herb Sachs is an absolutely DISGUSTING HUMAN BEING! He didn’t care about my feelings when him and his secretary Donna yelled at me and LIED and he said he would take my case, so I don’t care about his and I’m posting my story throughout the entire internet so everybody will know that what Herb Sachs and his staff secretary Donna did to me. Herb Sachs yells at woman. He yells at unemployed woman. He’s a very bad person .

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