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Published: 27 July 2020

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[1] Carmen n , Flores [2] ADDRESS:- (((redacted))) , Orlando , FL , 32806 [3] SSN:- (((redacted))) [4] DATE OF BIRTH:- (((redacted))) [5] DRIVING LICENSE:- (((redacted))) [6] IP ADDRESS:- (((redacted))) [7] HOME PHONE:- (((redacted))) [8] WORK INFO:- (((redacted))) [9] BANK INFO:- (((redacted))) [10] LOAN DATE:- 9/15/2018 [11] LOAN AMOUNT:- $350 [12] DUE AMOUNT:- $800 [13] LOAN COMPANY:- Cash Net Pay Day Loan LAW SUIT FILE: – 206A219 u00ad This is final courtesy email in reference to your outstanding debt (As above mentioned). from the company named CASH NET PAY DAY LOAN. on the date of (As above mentioned) company repeatedly tried to advised you to repay this debt but you have not paid yet so it has reached to (As above mentioned) amount. So we have turned your account to the FEDERAL DEPARTMENT and instructed them to commence law suit against your NAME and SSN# without any further delay. Now they are further stating on the affidavit that on date you were monitored using your email soliciting funds on a website owned and operated by US national bank. The funds were deposited in your bank account Utilizing E.F.T which stands for electronic funds transfer. When they attempted to extract the funds back the E.F.T was returned constituting under state statutes of an electronic check. As of todayu2019s date rather than chasing you or making harassing calls or disturbing you at your P.O.E for the money they have opted to simply write the money off deeming it to be stolen and press charges against you in county at. FOR YOU THIS MEANS THREE THINGS :- 1). if youu2019re on any state supervised probation or payroll youu2019ll need to contact the attorney and make them aware that these charges will constitute a violation. 2). if you have any prior convictions including but not limited to worthless checks , grand theft or money laundering please be aware they will treat your case of that of a habitual offender as name the respective state is a zero tolerant state. 3). Lastly you do have the right to an attorney and if you canu2019t afford one, then one will be appointed to you. Now since youu2019ve not been briefed on the case Iu2019HAVE IN FACT documented HERE that once you are picked up on the charges that you need to have on appointed to you. That way if the judge sets a bail you can have someone on the standby to get you out. EXPLANATIONS OF ALLEGATIONS:- 1). VIOLATION OF FEDERAL BANKING REGULATIONS. Regulations have been set in place for the exchange of the currency via and/or check E.F.T. which means electronic fund transfer by state and federal law making bodies AND youu2019ve breached those regulations. 2). COLLATERAL CHECK FRAUD. Utilizing an instrument of commerce to as certain some good or service and upon the remittance of that instrument of commerce It proves to be of no value. 3). THEFT BY DECEPTION. You willingly gave an instrument of commerce with the knowledge that it was actually useless. There is a still time to avoid law suit against you, if you will contact us as soon as possible. This is your final opportunity to resolve this legal matter with out the expense of court house procedure If you will fail to contact us than it will be proved that you are running away from this legal matter and you are not interested in resolving this legal matter and at any time you will get your SUMMONS LETTER as well as possession letter for the auction of your any property also you will have to sign your power of attorney as per the online contract between you and the COMPANY,LENDER COMPANY can go for all legal process and if company will start legal procedure against you in court house than your resolvement amount will be $6,000 including all legal expense also all your BANK ACCOUNTS along with your SSN# AND DEBIT CARDS WILL BE BLOCKED YOU WONT BE ABLE TO WORK ANY WHERE IN ( UNITED STATES) and your SSN# WILL BE PERMANENTLY BLACK LISTED SO THIS YOUR FINAL CHANCE TO AVOID THIS LEGAL MATTER OTHERWISE GET READY TO FOR THE LONG AND PAIN FULL PROCESS ATTORNEY JOHN CARTER ( B.L., M.S. – 15 FLC. 1982(a)) PHONE :- 786-738-6116 This was a cash loan they said I took in 9/15/2018 I just started work in August

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