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Scammer Alert! Beware of these Cheaters!

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Published: 20 November 2018

Posted by: David

Attorney John Musca is a scammer and assigns lawyers just to make money from other people’s hard-earned money. He has been cheating people doing such scams. I don’t know how people put positive reviews for him when all he does is get quiet after he gets your money. How do you people change in minutes and take everything it takes to extort money from innocent people and then, stop answering the damn calls. You are a cheater in saint clothing.

Don’t you worry any more, I will surely report against you and your entire team of lawyers who are just running after people’s money without any sign of putting efforts into getting their job done. Shame on you! I feel so terrible, I don’t know how can you all plan it up and then get spared in disguise. Now I realize, the review I read online was true, but as you have formed a fake reputation which you need to maintain, no one might have noticed it.

Let me tell the entire incident from the beginning, I was referred to Mr. John Musca’s services by one of my close friends and was delighted to have a conversation in the beginning. He seemed quite cheery and helpful, he even suggested me some great lawyers. However, little did I know he will turn out to be a fraudster and ruin my life like this. He is just after people’s money and thinks about gaining money from foul work. I am bearing his negligent attitude for quite a while now and it’s just too much.
After I got acquainted with the lawyer (whom he called the best lawyer out of all others) he assigned my case to, I felt somewhat relieved as after almost 4 years, I had felt comfortable with a sign of hope that good times will soon come. I had never thought of being happy again. But if I had known it was another trap I was stepping into, I would never have come into a deal with such people. How cleverly you people make a move, after knowing the entire facts and explaining your roles in handling each situation in the best possible way.

Everything changed since the day I made up my mind to pay $ 5000 for the service that you promised. However, if I had any idea that you are up to this plan, I would never have paid a single penny to you. I still don’t understand why you do not take my calls. Whenever I visit your office, you are never available either busy in some meeting or have gone to fight a case in Court. At least, tell if there is an update on my case so that I can also feel that my money invested has got some returns. I swear to god if this continues, I will not spare anyone. This is not the way customers should be treated. Do you get it?

Such fake care you display just to impress your client but for how long. If you cannot provide me a service just pay me my refund of $ 5000 that you took even before commencing with the work. I don’t know why you can’t value a customer’s trust in you, who is ready to pay for all the service charges. What kind of professional attitude is this? You not answering my calls, have shattered all my patience and is the worst thing I could ever imagine of. I thought paying the whole money advance would rather boost your effort level, it is so disappointing to leave one thinking bad about your service and makes the other person wondering where had they been wrong.

Since the time I paid the money, I could sense something ill being planned but had I known anything about your true intentions, I would have already filed a complaint against you a long time ago. I don’t know what is the matter with you people? Shutting out on people like that. Is this how you work? My whole family is shocked, you even visited my place. What about all the fake promises you made, Were they all a way to convince us to pay money and then you go all invisible.

At least be clear if you want to work or not. My case has already brought much stress in my life emotionally and I cannot handle more for the very lawyer, I discuss my problem with. This avoiding attitude is only making things rough further as all this really came in like a surprise and was unexpected from your part. Why can’t you be clear from the very start and disclose such company policies in which you stop serving the client once the payment is made?

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