Attorney John Sopata Chicago

Attorney John Sopata Chicago

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Published: 16 December 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

Attorney John Sopata of Chicago is a thief, liar, scam artist. He will tell you that your fees are $1500 for the case and before you know it he is sending you a bill for $100,000. John Sopata is a con artist that scams you and corners you so that you can pay him more money. I filed a complaint against him with the Illinois Attorney Registration and Diciplinary Commision, BBB and the Attorney General. Attorney John Sopata is a thief and con artist. Consumers beware of this lawyer. This lawyer will lie and kill for money. He is just a money hungry lawyer. He will not care about your case. He will only want to take as much money from you as he can. He will take your house, car and everything you have. Consumers beware. Stay away from this lawyer and his shady business practices in Chicago and Illinois.

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