Attorney Steven E. Kellis, Steven E. Kellis, Esq.

Attorney Steven E. Kellis, Steven E. Kellis, Esq.

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Published: 07 August 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

This guy has excellent marketing across the internet; multiple websites, multiple youtube videos, and good SEO work. However when it comes down to it, you’ll see this guy is the McDonalds of DUI cases here in the Greater Philadelphia Area. He’ll talk up a storm to you promising you the world in the beggining, but after you give him your money, good luck getting a response from him. He shows up to court late because he’ll take on more cases than he should to give the proper attention to your case. When he does show up to court, he has not a clue what’s going on and catches up on the details right then and there. Everything you told him previously will be forgotten and he pretty much shows you how much of an idiot he is. I wouldn’t mind using him since first time DUI’s all get a first time offender’s program but for the amount of money he charges, I expect a little more. Do yourself a favor and hire a budget lawyer versus using this fly by night lawyer that put’s on a good act on first impression.

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