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Published: 14 October 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

Red Flags Are UP. My 23 year old daughter was so excited that she was leaving to go to Australia from our home in Ontario, Canada. The owner of Aupair , Miryam Aubert or Miryam Rosas de Aubert making all of the arrangements. There were no host families available, so Miryam said I will be your host. She wanted her to leave in August, but as the time went on Miryam contacted my daughter and told her if she wanted to come she had to come early july. The best she could do is july 6th. She was very firm that she wanted my daughter very soon. My daughter felt very rushed and pushed to this date but no flags yet. My daughter arrived and moved in. On the 2nd day because email (somehow) was not working at her place Miryam let my daughter use the phone and because of the cost it was 15 seconds tops. My daughter had to leave the house and go to Sydney library to email. Really. And when she contacted us, she said “there is something wrong with this lady” As days progressed she said that this lady hates me. As the next few days went by my daughter was nervous because Miryam was not nice to her and playing mind games. As the next few days went by, my daughter contacted us. We told her to do your best and hang in there but the next email said that she was really sad and would not last another week. That was odd. My daughter is a very loving person and easy to get along with. Flags are going up in my head. My son was getting messages on facebook that things are not well and that she was being abused and scared and that she was not safe. Miryam exploded to my daughter in a fit of rage and called her stupid and humiliated her so my daughter had to lock her bedroom door at night. I received NO PHONECALLS OR EMAIL FROM THEM. At the end of 2 weeks of hell, my daughter became so scared she dicided to leave. She was telling me she did not want to get hurt. Miryam yelling at my daughter YOU HAVE TO STAY, WE HAVE A CONTRACT. YOU CAN’T LEAVE. I WILL HOLD ALL OF YOUR BELONGINGS AND PASSPORT. SO THERE. TO LEAVE YOU HAVE TO PAY ME $400 DOLLARS. Miryam telling my daughter that the contract was broken and she owed money. My daughter said the two weeks that I have worked here, I did not get paid for yet, and that will cover it. Miryam forced my daughter to go to the ATM machine and get the $400. dollars. Miryam said “she will make sure she will ruin my life” and then she said my daughter has a learning impairment and that she was a selfish person for not staying at her home….eh. As my daughter walked out Miryam said ” I hope you are scared because I know a lot of people and you better watch yourself because I have a copy of your passport.” My daughter made it out safely out of the house and emailed me in Sydney totally with no money and very upset. She said she didn’t know what to do and just cried. NO CALLS FROM MIRYAM YET. not one. Strange, you think an Au pair would call me and let me know my daughter is out in the street in a foreign country with no one and no where to go. Very odd. I tried to phone Miryam in the morning there at least 10 times and emailed both her and her husband numerous times but STILL NO CALL . DON’T THEY CARE FOR MY DAUGHTER/// STRANGE. Her husband Francis could not be reached either. Not by email or phone. I even tried to contact them by facebook but NO RESPONSE. wow DID THESE PEOPLE FALL OFF THE PLANET. Thanks to the internet I put Miryam’s name to google and presto, Interesting reading. A girl states that Miryam is rude and unprofessional. Try to rush an au pair girl. As the girl says about threats about immigration and mentioned she was extremely pushy. And perhaps Miryam has an ironing fetish. She tried so hard to make you feel guilty. My daughter was there and she actually went through Miryams HELL. This girl on states that Miryam threatened to call the government to cancel the visa.mmmmm, interesting, my daughter was threatened the same way. I have spoken to my daughter at great lenghts and she told me she felt unwanted since day 1. After all this, not one phone call. Many flags go up. About 4 days after my daughter left, I sent Miryam many emails, finally I got a response. She said that my daughter has a mental disability. Really. My daughter has no mental disability at all. Then she says my daughter stole money. eh. MAIRYAM DOES NOT MAKE SENSE, and you begged her to stay,really. ENOUGH SAID, RED FLAGS ON YOU MIRYAM. ABUSING FOREIGH YOUTH IS DISGUSTING. My guess, she brings the aupairs in for a fee of $695, and to leave charges them $400. plus did not even pay my daughter her wages. Interesting thought, A business who works with youth, doesn’t even care to call the parents if there is a proplem or emergency. What would happen if my daughter went missing or hurt in the street. I would never know. Miryam should lose her licence for her business and fraud charges for knowingly ahead of time that my daughter would be out. If you the reader, have any more info about this or any other abuse cases please log in and let people know. My daughter and I together verify that the infomation is correct and has not been embellished in any way. All the facts are true. Miryam is the owner/councillor for Au Pair Australia..WOW

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