Auburn Oaks Care Center

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They are fraudsters. Beware of these people.

They’ll rob you off blind and you won’t be able to do anything. I had sent my mom there for rehabilitation. She was recovering from a joint injury and I thought it was the best place for such services. What I didn’t know was that these people are liars and cheats. They deceive others and trick them into thinking that these people are caring and professional. They are conning others. I’m pretty sure I’m not the only victim of their malicious activities. There must’ve been plenty of others who could’ve gotten tricked by these people. These people lied to me that they accept my insurance plan.

They had told me that my insurance plan was accepted here so it was alright for me to get a person admitted here. I was admitting my mom here on my expense and I can tell you, I didn’t know that these guys didn’t accept my insurance plan. If I knew that earlier, I wouldn’t have gotten my mom admitted here. I couldn’t afford the place. And do you know when they told me the reality? They told me the truth when my mom had already spent a week there. She was still recovering. I had to get loans from friends and relatives just to keep her there. If I would’ve told her that I couldn’t afford her treatment, she would’ve felt terrible. She was already feeling guilty because she got injured. She was thinking I was going through a lot because of her. So when they told me that my insurance plan wasn’t accepted there I was infuriated. I talked to the manager, the receptionist, the billing staff, and all of them told me that I’d have to arrange for funds from someplace else. They are unethical people. They are immoral. They don’t give a darn about you or the patient. All they care about is filling their pockets with your hard-earned money. They are scamming people. I somehow managed to afford my mother’s stay at Auburn Oaks. But now I know for sure that I’m not suggesting anyone else go there. It’s a terrible place. Who lies to their customers about the acceptable payment options? It shows how mischievous and devious these people are. I had chosen this place because I thought they were reliable and trustworthy. They have plenty of positive reviews online and their website seems professional too. In fact, when I visited that place for the first time, their staff seemed really reliable too. I couldn’t have imagined them to be such a greedy bunch of people. First, they lied to me and when I later contacted them to discuss the issue, they told me that they had never said anything like that. They were trying to make me believe that I had made a mistake or misheard something. Don’t go to Auburn Oaks Care Center. You might get scammed by these people in some way or the other too. And we both know you don’t want that.

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