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Published: 04 February 2020

Posted by: Kitten1

DO NOT TRUST THIS COMPANY!!!? I purchased a grandfather clock from Auction Depot in Ft Worth Texas during one of their online auctions thru Proxibid ( another one to stay away from). They never disclosed that the clock was plastic and that it did not work. I feel they ripped me off by not offering full disclosure about the item. Then they over charged me for shipping a plastic grandfather clock. When I asked for my money back the owner basically blamed me for the entire thing. Then the owner threatened me with court if I posted any reviews online about how horrible they are. He wanted me to send the clock back ( at my own cost) but after being threatened, and them ripping me off and overcharging the shipping (they charged me 99$ later I found out it only cost them 69$ to ship it) ..I felt like they would just keep the clock to re-sell and I would never get my money back. So I would say beware of anything they offer online. They are not very nice if you call and complain either. The owner accused me of “ranting” which I found very sexist. I got ripped off, and you knowingly did it…Yea, I want to rant! The owner is super rude to you if you complain. Geesh. BEWARE? Oh and Proxibid is how I found this creep and they did not help me either! FYI

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