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Published: 18 April 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

In the morning of 11-5-13 i signed a purchase agreement for a car from AD USA in victor. My mom was co signing the loan for me. We returned later that day to sign the final papers and pick up the car. Herb the salesman was not there that sold us the car. We met with another person , and we noticed that the paperwork was wrong. They had my mom listed as the buyer and me as the cosigner. The guy said, no big deal, just sign it and he would fix it. He picked up that paperwork and and all the other paperwork and left the desk for a few min. He returned and had us sign a bunch of paperwork. I got the car and we left. We were assured that everything was all set by Mike, the paperwork guy. A month went buy and I got my first bill, and it had my moms name (Holly) on it and not my name. I told my mom and she called herb about the issue. He said he would get it fixed. Another month went by and my mom got the title in the mail listing her as the buyer. My mom and my dad called Herb to tell him it was still not corrected. He said he would take care of it, but he would have to buy the car back from Holly and re sell it to me. Herb had us come in to fix it. He said it might be a long and hard process, but he would get it done. After a while of him being on the phone, he came to us said there is 2 options, option 1 is to purchase the car back from my mom and sell it to me but it would cost me money, and i might be out of a car for a few days and this is a very hard process. Option 2 is he can add my name to the loan and if I made my payments on time for one year, I could drop my mom from the loan. Herb went on and on about how it doesnt matter who is listed as the buyer. And he said I would get full credit as a buyer on my credit report. He assured me that I would just take over the loan and drop my mom from it in one year. A few weeks later, my bill came and my name was listed on the envelope but not the invoice. I called the finance company, and told them what happened from square one, and told them that Herb said I could drop my mom from the loan, and the bank said absolutely not. The loan is still in my moms name, not mine. They said that you can not drop people from a loan anyway. I was very upset about this whole deal, as it is my first purchase of my life. Herb was also a family friend, and he is not getting this fixed. My mom and my dad called herb the next day. They told herb they wanted it fixed and it better not cost me any money at all. They both have text messages from Herb saying it will get fixed. My mom got dozens of text messages from Herb as he explained to my mom everyone he had involved to fix this. After 5 weeks of texting, he said all the paperwork was done, and it was on his general managers desk for approval and my mom just needed to call him to finalize it. My mom left several messages for 2 weeks and finaly got a returned call, and talked with Alan the GM. He told my mom that he didnt have any paperwork on his desk about this and that all he knows is that my mom had a question about the car tax. My mom said no, I was supposed to talk to you to finalize the error that his company created in November. He said that this whole thing was stupid and that we did not need to make the switch happen. The credit bureau doesn’t care who owns the car, or who is listed as the buyer or cosigner, and I would get the proper credit on my report. If we wanted to push this to be changed, he would do it, BUT I would have to pay all the taxes and fees AGAIN. This is not right. They messed it up, we told them. Then They said they fixed it, and they didn’t. It should not cost me money to fix their mistake. I have a text message from herb saying he can and will fix it. He will not fix it and neither will the GM.. We have dozens of text messages from him and had several conversations with his assurance of him fixing this. The paperwork they gave me at the dealership I have is correct with my name as the buyer. The title is in my moms name and so is the loan. My dad sent the paperwork I have to an attorney and this is all i know to do. Another thing, they say I have to pay the tax on the car again. what they can do , is buy the car back from my mom, and sell it to me for much less, so when I get charged the sales tax (again) the lowered price makes up for the taxes I get charged. .

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