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How are they not in jail?!

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Published: 08 December 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

I don’t usually leave reviews for the places I go, especially when they did not have a good service. However, I feel compelled to tell everybody about my story, so you don’t end up making the same mistakes.
It all started in December of last year, my Audi A4, which I’ve had for 2 years now, had a little detail on the pilot seat door. I knew about this place for my friend who goes there all the time, so I figured, they must be good. I decided to take the car on my weekend off, thinking it would be ready before Monday, it was just a little detail in the door seal after all. I made an appointment, arrived 10 minutes before and waited, there were people already waiting and, me being a Chatty Cathy, started a conversation with this lady that was in front of me, soon enough I realized that she was upset. A bit further in the conversation, she told me that her appointment was for an hour ago and she was still waiting, and with at least other 5 people in front of her!
I was expecting a quick in and out visit, but judging by the situation, I was at least an hour away from being tended. I made my peace with it, convincing myself that there were that many people simply because they were the best. Half an hour went by and the woman in front of me was finally up, great! “I won’t have to wait the full hour, ” I thought. Another 15 minutes went by, seemed like an eternity since I did not have anyone to talk to anymore, and I was thinking of giving up and coming back another day, or maybe trying with a different place. Then this Jim guy (I can’t remember the name, but was very similar), approaches me saying that they can take my car now, I showed him the detail I wanted fixed and gave him instructions on how to treat the car, it was my baby after all. He was very nice and said that it would be ready on that same day, I was happy! Even after the wait, I was willing to give them a chance.
I went there little before their closing time to pick up my car (Fun fact: I had not received any calls or anything, but I went there taking this man’s word that it would be ready by noon), I got there and there’s again around 5 people in front of me, I was going to leave and come back next morning, but then the same guy shows up, saying that my car was not ready and they would let me know when it was.
That was something I could not excuse;they had lied to me! I won’t even mention how troublesome this was for me, I will just say that this was not the only inconvenience. I waited and waited for days! And there was no call, so the next weekend I went there to check on the car, they said it was still not ready, but that was all I was willing to take. I was not going to let them make fun of me again, so I just told them I wanted my car back. Oh, and they refused to give me a refund!!
If this has not convinced you yet, let me put the cherry on the top of this huge fraud. They gave me my car, nothing was fixed, and there were new scratches (I counted 5) on the sides that they did not want to respond for!! They blamed those on me!!! After calling me crazy and laughing at my face, I drove away and swore never to go back.

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