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Someone please shut this whole place down for good

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Published: 10 December 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

Anyone with a little bit of common sense would be able to see that this is just a big scam. But before I ask you to believe me, let me put some facts on the table. To be precise, let me tell you about my experience with this place.
There I was, sitting on my couch on a Saturday noon, trying to get comfy with candy and soda. Suddenly, my car alarm goes off, 15 minutes later I’m at my porch giving a declaration to the police. Some dumbhead had broken a window and stolen some change from my car, luckily, he was dumb enough to get caught.
The change was returned, but my window was still broken, and I was pretty sure that that man wasn’t going to pay for it.
I had to take my car to the nearest Center, and this was the place. I was hoping to get this solved in a few hours, so I could get to the movies that night. Of course, that was not the case; otherwise, I would not be writing these words.
Now, I got there at around 3 PM and waited for like 20 minutes for someone to help me. This guy, we’ll call him Josh, approaches me and we talk about the broken window, he’s very nice, he takes notes and acts like he understands what I’m saying. He then takes the car keys and says that it will be ready by Monday, to which I respond that I need it for that night, after exchanging a few words, he tells me that I can pay a bit more to have my car serviced faster. Honestly, I was not going to accept it at first, but I needed the car, so I agreed. I went home, waited, took a shower, and went back to the center. Josh was not there waiting for me, so I had to ask around until he showed up. Worth mentioning, nobody wanted to help me, and they were rude to me when I approached them asking for Josh.
So, Josh shows up, he’s smiling; he asks very politely what he can do for me. Obviously did not remember me at all, that was annoying but understandable, so I let it slip. I reminded him of our deal, to what he says he’ll check if my car was ready, I patiently waited another 20 minutes, not even knowing why it took so long when we had previously agreed on the hour for pick-up. However, I waited, he comes back and, surprise, surprise, the car was not ready.
At this point, I was very angry, but I was willing to ”forgive” them in exchange for my refund, but if they had refunded me, I would not be here. Josh refused to give me a refund, saying the car would be ready on Monday, I requested the extra fee to be credited back and he refused again, arguing that it was part of the original price. I requested a manager, he refused to get one, I started yelling at him, and some big guy shows up and kicks me out.
In conclusion: I went in with a broken window and more than $500, I went out with a broken window and no money.

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