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The GM should be fired.

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Published: 23 December 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

What do we do when someone humiliates us in front of tens of people? Some people just look down, some others, like me, react. And because of this reaction, I’ve been denied the attention I deserve as a customer at this establishment. To be honest, it’s not like this is the only place I can have my car serviced at, but it was the one that I had been using for the past 5 years, and it’s sad to see that I won’t be able to go back just because of some disrespectful employee.
To clarify, let me tell you what happened. I was taking my car in for an oil change when one of the employees bumped into my car with one of the exhibition cars. He got mad at me and accused me of leaving my car in the middle of the road; of course, this was just an excuse, so I tried to stay calm and let it go, but the employee wouldn’t drop it. He started yelling at me, insulting me, even saying that I would have to pay for the damages, I wanted to defend myself and screamed back at him. The manager just called him out and said that I was forbidden to use their services again.
Now that they have turned their back on me, I’ll do the same, I’m going to post here all of the little secrets I’ve witnessed during the 5 years they serviced my car. First of all, the salesmen there are all underqualified for the task of selling an Audi, I didn’t buy mine there because of their low sales tactics, and I know for a fact that some of their salespersons have really forceful methods.
There’s also the schemes they have to make you go back every time, this one is regarding the mechanical team; they will fix your car and leave it as good as new, but they will slightly damage or misplace something else, so you will end up going back again and paying for something that wasn’t necessary. I was lucky enough to get out of it due to a little secret I’ll keep for myself.
Then, there’s the parts department. I learned throughout the years that they have a rather complicated system to fulfill customer’s orders. They take the orders as they come, but then start requesting for the most expensive ones first, they make sure all the whales get their service as soon as possible, the commoners have to wait until the ”most important customers” are serviced.
The manager isn’t safe from the corruption; actually, you could say he’s the base for all of their cheap practices. After all, they are all under his wings.
To finish my review, they do a good job, but don’t expect to be treated decently if you don’t have enough money. I was able to get away with a good service due to my influence, I would strongly recommend you avoid this place if you appreciate your car and don’t want to deal with this classist people.

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