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They laughed at my face!

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Published: 11 December 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

So, I went to this place by a friend’s recommendation, it was also near my area, so it seemed like the best option to service my car. I had skipped a couple annual revisions, I knew my Prius was bound to need something, and I had prepared a little fund for these repairs. When I got to the Audi center, I was received by an empty room and an empty front desk, people were waiting outside by their cars, so I went to ask someone if this was the procedure there. Most of these people could not go to another center because of their car’s conditions, so they had to sit there, waiting until someone decided to actually take care of the place. I left immediately, and told all my friends about the experience, one of them said that it was just bad luck.
I was thinking of taking my car to a different place, but I was too lazy to look up for another repair shop with good ratings, so I went back to the center… Yes, I regret it. This time, there was a man in the room and a lady on the desk, the guy received me, his name was Jim or something like that, and we talked about the car. A few minutes later, he jumped straight into the prices, and dodge every question about how long the repairs would take. I also asked him to tell me what the car needed, but he would blow me off with some general problem like “it’s just the oil” or “there’s some dirt in this piece”; nothing that would actually tell me about my car’s problem. It was annoying, but I let it go, I just wanted to get the repairs done and never go back there.
I got charged for around twice as much as the repairs actually cost, I saw my bill once the car was ready, it was just ridiculous. Everything had been miscalculated, and the prices had nothing to do with what Jim had previously told me. I immediately placed a complaint and requested a manager, the receptionist said that the manager would be on-site by the next week, there was no way of contacting him, and there was no one else who could help me fix the billing issue. I called my bank to stop the transaction, but it was too late, I filed as many complaint as I could, but nothing helped.
After about 10 days, I was finally able to talk with the manager, he says they will look into it, and then, you better believe it, he laughed at me! He said that these things never happened, and he was certain the prices were right. I am not a math genius, but I have a pretty good memory, and I was sure that Jim had told me different prices for the service. After hours, days, and now months, I was not able to get my money back, they just excused themselves behind the argument that I agreed to the price when I entered the car, so there was nothing they could do. This was a frustrating experience and a big waste of money.

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