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Lazy staff and bad billing

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Published: 20 December 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

I’m not used to leaving reviews online, but I’ll try my best to cut this short, even though I could write a book out of all my experiences with them. There’ve been so many that I think it’s finally time for me to tell everybody. I’m usually pretty laid back when it comes to waiting for services, I don’t like to force anybody and certainly don’t like being pushed, so I guess I should start with my experience with the sales department.
I called them on a Monday to schedule an appointment, it took me 3 days to finally reach them. I planned to watch a few cars and potentially buy one, but they were losing me already. I arrived at the accorded time, and my sales guy was not there. They had to send someone else to greet me, and this person was incredibly rude the whole time. Ok, I know I don’t look like the typical Audi woman, but I was there to actually buy one, so it didn’t make sense to me that this guy treated me as if I was just wasting his time because there was no way that I would have enough money to purchase one. That was not his place to talk about, and I just ended up leaving.
I actually purchased an Audi, just not from them, but they were still the most convenient place to have my car serviced, so I kept going.
Now I should talk about the technical and the parts department, I took my car for an engine light that was bothering me, after quite a long time, they tell me it’s a part that needs to be repaired. Weird enough, the Audi dealer didn’t have the Audi part my car needed. I spent about 3 months without my car because, instead of taking responsibility, these people kept blaming each other for everything, in the end, the part took more than a month to be ordered and only 3 days to arrive. After finally fixing my car, I was charged more than half the actual price of the job because they had to cover the time they work on my car, even though it was literally just sitting there because of their immature behavior.
To finish this review, I would like to talk about the lack of commitment and poor customer service provided in general on each and every one of my visits, the first and only time I tried to use a coupon with them, they still charged me the full amount, when I took the situation to the manager, he said that he would do a special deal and ended up giving me more than what the coupon said, but to this day, I still don’t have a refund for that.
Then there’s a few other times where I went to have my car fixed, and they would always see me as if I was out of place, almost like they couldn’t believe that I actually owned an Audi. I don’t think I’m going there anymore; I can take the ridiculousness on their deals and lack of professionalism;I just can’t take their discrimination.

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