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Published: 10 December 2019

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One would think that, as connected as we are today, the companies would listen to their customers, especially if they represent a name such as Audi. But not this company, not these people. You see, some companies try to be the best at what they do to keep their place in the market; a huge company, such as Audi, should be wary of the people running their businesses, there should be a certain level of qualification required to be a manager at this place, but apparently, there isn’t, and that’s exactly why I’m here, to warn you about the bad practices of this Audi seller.
I work for a tourism company, I have to travel at least once a week, sometimes I’m away for months. I have a car, an Audi Q5 bought in 2017, and I have to make sure that it is serviced properly so it doesn’t leave me on the road. Every 2 to 3 towns, I make sure to take it to a specialized Audi Center for maintenance, and every time, they end up charging me a lot more than usual just because I need it fast. I wouldn’t consider this to be a problem, that’s how companies work, after all, they have something you want, and they trade it for the only thing they want from you. That’s why I’m letting that one slide, but for this particular location, I am not letting anything out.
I’m going to write here all of the reasons why these people should be fired, and possibly investigated, for their actions. So, I went there on a Saturday, told them I needed the service done ASAP, they said that this would cost me more, nothing out of the ordinary so far; and then, this guy tells me that the car will be ready by the next day, which is Sunday, I thought it was weird that they worked on Sunday so I asked if they did, this guy says yes. I went back to the center the next day only to find that, as expected, they do not work on Sundays. I was angry, but there was nothing I could do at that point, I went home and got a friend to take me there on Monday, so I would not spend any more money on transport. The car was great, serviced and clean, nice enough to be a good review if it wasn’t for all the trouble that I went through just because of this guy and the manager. I requested a manager to discuss the incident, he asks me for a name and I gave it to him, I filed a review form, a formal complaint, and some other forms, then he says that these papers will be sent to the corporate offices for evaluation, I asked if he could do something, like pay for the taxi I had to pay due to this employee’s mistake, or at least to give a discount off the service. This manager laughed at my face, saying that it’s MY fault because I should’ve known they do not work on Sundays… What the H***?
That was a big joke and a huge waste of my time. Any company that cares a little for their customers would never let anything like this happen. I can only say that this is the worst treatment I have received anywhere.

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