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Published: 11 December 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

I consider myself a simple woman, I don’t like to drive a flashy car or anything, but my friend had been using Audi for decades, and he had finally convinced me to buy one for myself, so the next time I bought a car, I would go for an Audi as my first option. But when the time came to get my new car, I ended u going to this dealer and had the worst experience ever.
To tell more about my experience, I would like to start by saying that I knew what car I wanted to purchase when I got there. I had checked their inventory online and saw this gorgeous pre-owned sedan that was just what I was looking for.
When I went to the Owing Mills Audi to buy this car, the salesperson greeted me with a smile as soon as I opened the door and took me to see the cars. I was trying to tell him that I knew what car I wanted and didn’t need him to sell me every Audi they had, but he insisted on showing them to me.
After 20 minutes and 7 cars, I told him about the sedan I wanted, probably for the 5th time, and he finally listens to me, he says that he’ll go check if the car is available. I end up waiting for a full hour for the guy to come back, and when he finally does, it’s to say that the car was being repaired and wouldn’t be ready for at least a week.
I went home very dissatisfied with the situation, heartbroken since I would not be getting the sedan I wanted. I talked to my friend about the experience, and he was shocked that an Audi dealer would actually treat someone like that, he said that had never happened to him, and he would not be a loyal Audi customer if it had.
This whole situation was odd, so I started thinking of going to a different dealer; however, my friend convinced me to go back and request the car I wanted and an accommodation for the bad experience I’d had. So, I ended up going there again, this time no one greeted me, I spent 30 minutes waiting for a salesperson to look my way, it was even worse than the first time.
I was just about to leave when a man approaches me with a fake smile, he says that he’s ready to take care of me. We talk about the sedan, it had been more than a week since the last time I was there, so the car had to be ready, I also told him about my bad experience with them and asked for some kind of compensation for the trouble. He took me to the car, and it was perfect, exactly what I was looking for. I was checking it out as this man tells me what the price is, and it was way higher than the price I had seen online, he said that nothing could be done, no discounts, no courtesies, not even an apology. I went home and decided I’d never try to buy an Audi again.

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