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Published: 13 December 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

I’ve had a very… Unusual experience with this dealer, I won’t be back there any time soon. So, I wasn’t planning on buying a car until recently, my daughter just had her first baby, and I’ve had to go all over the city running so many errands, so I decided to make my life easier and get myself a car. The only option for me was Audi, my entire family drives Audi, it’s like our thing, so I found this dealer, and decide to go there on my next vacation. I was hoping to get an appointment a few days before actually showing up, but it was impossible.
I tried calling every single number, every department and extension I found, but no one would pick up the phone, mind you, the only time someone actually picked up, was just to hang up on me, I heard voices on the other side of the line, just for a split second, and then a click, and then I was disconnected… I didn’t feel like going even further away to another dealer since I was so busy, so I kept trying to reach them, my vacations went on in a blink, and I was back to my busy schedule, still not able to contact them.
My family knows every Audi dealer back in CA, but they don’t know much about the ones here, I just wish they could’ve advised me not to go with them in the first place. I finally gave up and decided to try my luck with another dealer, then, the people at Shawnee Mission contacts me, saying they are very sorry for keeping me waiting for so long (it’s only been 2 months, not a big deal), and that they would compensate me by scheduling an appointment for whenever I can, with their best salesperson. I take the opportunity and make an appointment for a week later, oh if only things were that easy. The day comes, I’m at the shop looking at some cars, and there’s no one to greet me, past 15 minutes, there’s still no one around. I talk to the front desk lady only to find out that my appointment had been canceled a few hours back, and I was just wasting my time there because this person didn’t even bother with letting me know.
That was the last drop for me, I left and decided to wait a bit longer before even thinking of buying a car again. Then I receive an e-mail with a special offer for this place, it was tempting, I wanted my %off my new Audi, and I wanted my Audi! I made the mistake of going there again, only to find that the deal was not real, and they wouldn’t honor it even after I showed the e-mail.
Please, don’t be like me, don’t let people make a fool out of you. If you had the first bad experience, just leave and don’t believe in their fake promises. I don’t think I’m mad at Audi, but I’m definitely mad at these people, they got me doubting of everything I had always thought of Audi, every single minute with them, was torture.

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