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Might be the worst showroom in the city

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Published: 11 December 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

Judging by the image of a brand such as Audi, one can only expect to have a premium experience on each and every visit to an Audi service center. I personally have visited a few since I travel a lot; however, this is the first time I encountered an Audi center that did not offer a premium experience.
The Audi at Silver Spring seems to have professionals working there, but the fact that they know their parts doesn’t mean they know how to treat people, and I think that is the case here, they just don’t know how to treat people.
I dropped off my car a few weeks ago for a quick checkup since I had to leave town for a few days. I went there for a quick visit, but they said they needed a few days for a simple checkup. I asked them to give me a loaner since I had to travel, but of course, there was none available for me. I could not just leave my car there, so I took it and went back home. After the trip, the car started feeling odd, it would have noises and sometimes would feel like one of the wheels was bumping into something, so I took it to the service again, and this time, it was my mistake taking it to the same place.
I drove there, dropped off the car, they said it would take a few days, and I would receive a call once it was ready; everything seemed fine until I requested for a loaner, I need a car because my job requires lots of travel, so being without one would be troublesome. Again, there was none available, there was nothing they could do, and since the car had already been taken, I could not take it back with me.
At this time, these people had not shown any sign of empathy or concern for my situation, it felt like they were just trying to get my money as if my needs were irrelevant to them. I tried to push harder requesting for the manager, he received me after an hour of waiting.
The manager said that if I was willing to pay the right price, maybe there would be a loaner available for me to take. All the pieces fell right in its place. It’s all about the money, they say, and that was the law there, you have the right amount, you can get the right service. Leaving aside how inappropriate that whole situation was, I would like to emphasize that it was the manager who told me that, it was not a corrupt employee or a department, but the manager; the whole net was rotten to the core.
In the end, I spent lots of money on transport, filed complaint to the corporate offices about this place and picked up my car, at least it was ready on time, and so far, it seems like they did a good job with the repairs. Again, at the moment of pick-up, they were just desperate to get my money, I didn’t get a single apology from them.

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