Audio Express 1506 N. Lee Trevino

Audio Express 1506 N. Lee Trevino

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Published: 21 December 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

I was looking to get a good 2 way alarm for my truck and after doing some research I figured a Viper alarm would be the way to go, unfortunately the only ones who sold the brand was Audio Express. I had already had a bad experience with them in the past on a stereo system install but but figured they had gotten their act together and since they were the authorized viper dealer I was sort of stuck. The sales man Rene showed me the top notch viper with the 2 way remote price started at 349.00 installed plus a radar sensor another 75.00 and the famous warranty and shop supplies I ended up at 554.00 it took them about 2 hours to install. after about a week the truck would not start intermittently. it sounded like a starter problem but if you turned the alarm on and of the truck would start. We had to go to Sunland park to buy some things thats when the truck left us stranded after hours all the lights and dash lights would come on but the truck would just not start the engine would not turn over. Pulled all the fuses one by one to make sure none were burned played with the alarm and after a while the truck turned on like if everything was ok. took the truck the next day to the dodge dealer thinking it had something to do with the truck itself since they had told me at audio express that the alarm is not in anyway tied to the trucks main electrical components. The dealer replaced the 1300.00 dollar started thinking that was probably the problem no change then they replaced some electrical module and the totally integrated computer twice because the first one was fried and it keeped on burning them the tech at dodge said he had looked at everything wire by wire and found that some of the wires from the alarm were tapped to the computer and that was causing them to burn out. he said they had another computer but did not want to install it till the alarm was off since it would burn it again and at 800.00 dollars a pop they did not want to take that chance and to be careful with this installation due to warranty issues. I called the guys at audio express and they said they would send some there to look at it but would charge me 75 dollars since according to them the alarm could not be the culprit. So far up to now the truck has been in the shop for nearly 4 weeks due to parts and diagnostics. After the Audio Express tech disconnected the alarm the new computer was setup and reprogrammed and my truck was ready to go 30 minutes after the alarm was disabled ( GOOD JOB AIRWAY DODGE ). I went back to Audio Express and spoke to Larry one of their managers he said that there is no way the alarm could of done that and if I wanted the alarm removed it would be a 75 dollar charge I explained to them that they should be happy they were not getting charged for the repair. I asked for a full refund and they said they could not do that because it is an electrical component uhh what do they sell there that is not electrical? He then called out another manager Jeremy which said the same thing that they have never had ay issues with any alarm and that they have done thousands of vehicles. He advised me that he would call their corporate office which is ( Freight sales inc.) out of Phoenix and to go back on monday this was Thursday because all he could do was reinstall the alarm again for an additional 75 dollars or completely remove it for 75 dollars or re install it on another vehicle either way I was screwed. I returned on monday were he said he had very good news, his definition of good news is apparently very different than mine. I was going to get credit back for my purchase, minus the installation, shop supplies and the warranty since it was not used on the alarm itself. lets just say I paid 554.00 and after all that bs was removed I ended up at 280.00 thats 274.00 dollars short at this time I was thankful I had insurance on the truck. I walked out of Audio Express with a crappy radio and a set of low end speakers at this point I was happy that I had gotten at least something back and that after nearly 4 weeks my truck was finally running. Remember this is the second time that I get screwed at this place never again and has a warning they will tell you that their installs will not void the warranty due to the magnuson law that is misleading because if the dealer can link the problem to the installation then you are screwed no repairs and you end up with a voided warranty on your new vehicle. avoid the 1 dollar install mistake and stick to the dealer or a well reputable place just google audio express and see all the complaints they are not even registered with the better business bureau I wonder why? and if you want to talk to some one from their parent company good luck they tell you to take it up locally which means you end up with the first people you dealt with not good.

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