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Published: 12 June 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

I did a lot of reserch BEFORE I bought a diesel generator. Most were VERY expensive or were rated poorly in user evaluations. I came across AURORA on U-Tube. There were several videos on how to set them up, how great they were and what great certifications they have (all Canada) I bought the “open frame” Diesel for about $1300. I picked it up at a shipping depot in Atlanta. When I opened it there was no IGNITION KEY. I called them and was told to search better… was not there. They said they were in Canada and could not expedite shipping, so I got a key in about 12 days. The unit was SO loud that I rarely ran it perferring to use my SOLAR and inverter for small needs. I DID run it about :30 minutes each month with no problems. After almost THREE YEARS it has 14 hours. This time it started as normal then shut itself down. I checked the oil, then the filter screen….there was a small amount of metal, not too unusual for a new engine. I changed the oil, REPLACED the filter and started it. Same result, shutdown within about 3 minutes. I CALLED AURORA in Canada. I relayed my issue and was immediately asked 1) WHEN did you last change the oil? (I JUST had with 14 hours…..the manual suggested 25 hours) BUT…..he exclaimed, it also says every 90 days…………that VOIDS your warranty because you had “old oil”. His NEXT Question, 2) WHEN did you change the FUEL filter. (never have; again 14 hours…book recommends 50 hours) BUT…..he exclaims; it also says EVERY 6 MONTHS………THAT VOIDS YOUR WARRANTY. I checked this manual for maint. requirements and found a long list of things that are “required” INCLUDING PISTON RINGS every year………….. Now, seriously, WHO changes piston rings as a maint. procedure? If ANY of these “items” are skipped they VOID the warranty. BTW, you DO NOT see this manual or items UNTIL AFTER you have purchased the generator. Do youself a favor, DO NOT deal with Aurora……… IMO they are Accomplished SCAM ARTISTS. .

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