Austin Dog Whisperer - Lynn Adams

Austin Dog Whisperer - Lynn Adams

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Published: 09 February 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

OK my Lakeway/Travis County Dog lovers —this is a short version of what happened to my new pup charlie and our experience with the emotionally unstable, dog abusing “dog expert”, Lynn Adams from Austin Dog Whisperer. We interviewed this woman before we left for our week long trip (i found her on Yelp with High Star reviews), seemed semi normal, just seemed to be a really intense dog trainer. We agreed for her to board and train Charlie during our Christmas week. She started emailing me off the wall emails that my 10 wk old puppy was spoiled and aggressive just like my kids…and that she needed to teach my “canine a lesson”. I was extremely uncomfortable with this lady continuing to care for my dog as she seems mentally unstable and extremely unprofessional. I asked her to meet our friends to pick up our pup from her home. Lynn refused to give us our pup back…she wouldnt respond to emails or phone calls….she called matt and I “idiots and stupid” …said she felt sorry that charlie had to come back to us…. Our amazing friends Frank and Suellen picked charlie up for us …Charlie was filthy, smelled and had poop all over him….this is ridiculous what this woman is trying to pull.. ANYWAYS…I called the police…to find out she has a criminal record of abusing dogs and being mentally unstable in CA…she had a puppy ranch called Puppy Pals Ranch. She has 100’s of bad reviews that are extremely disturbing….many of the reviews were exactly what our family was dealing with. Austin and CA Animal Control has reports on Lynn Adams. THIS WOMAN IS IN LAKEWAY! If you are a dog lover and want this woman’s business SHUT DOWN. I encourage to copy and paste this review below with links of her reviews onto her Austin’s Yelp page. This business is beyond dangerous and unprofessional. Thank you all for your support! Our email conversations: Subject: must change how you’re raising this dog You MUST change how you’re raising this canine. You cannot treat him with so much freedom and affection for temper tantrums as you do your human girls. He is animal/canine, and needs to have his freedom pulled back and rules layed on hard. He is already hugely spoiled coming from you. This is a real big deal I hope you can understand. I think Matt is on the right page but don’t know for sure, you Melissa and definitely the kids are not. You do not have to like me or like what I am saying, but you have to at least give it attention and digest it. Otherwise this little guy is on the road to being a hugely dominant dog who already cannot be with neighbor dogs because he is so spoiled and will bite/dominate/nip/jump, but later will present much greater issues. 6 days – I am making good inroads. But if I return him and you act the same with him, he will immediately revert away from the progress I am making with him. I hope you understand that you have a dominant dog who is likely later (is already) displaying aggression with dogs, will convey to people (he is already with your family). This is not good for this puppy. This guy is not a teddy bear with a heart beat, he is an animal who wants to rule. He has already ruled your family, I am making him back-track into respect with me as his leader. You are going to need to do the same for him please!!! Austin Dog [email protected]9-4335 Hi Lynn. Appreciate the updates and the details however based upon the info you’ve been giving us we feel your training style isn’t the direction with want to go with training charlie. Our friends Marissa and Bryon Pryor agreed to come pick charlie up this evening and keep him for the remainder time were gone on our trip. We will need your address so they can come get charlie before it gets to late, that’d be greatly appreciated. Feel free to give me a call if you have anymore questions. Thank you! Regards Melissa and Matt This is an email response I got from her “assistan.t” Hey I have 3 of Lynn’s dogs here in Lakeway. (She didn’t take her pc to Lago Vista/I have it) I have read your emails. You are obviously ill advised at best, an idiot at worst. If you do not know what Lynn has told you, you better start understanding it because she has given you $2K worth of wisdom for cheap chunk change. Your dog is naturally dominant. This is a huge issue already because he is (short version) pissing off the other dogs who – with Lynn’s pack – won’t hurt him but will correct him. ANY OTHER DOG who receives your dog’s (stop thinking about him as a puppy, he is not with other dogs) aggression – YES AGGRESSION! – will kick his a*s/bite him/put him down/send him to a hospital. WHY ARE YOU SO STUPID THAT YOU DO NOT UNDERSTAND HOW LYNN IS HELPING YOUR DOG? You are idiots, you should not even own this dog. You are too low equipped for doing so. You think a dog is like Lynn says a “TEDDY BEAR WITH A HEART BEAT.” Get real. Your dog is more wolf than human and if you do not stop attacking Lynn we will go out personally and tell you how you should be raising your pup, your ignoring LYnn — you are idiots. JUST WAIT WAIT WAIT. WHEN your dog attacks your kids, your kids friend, other dogs – remember that WE TOLD YOU SO you stupid idiot. This is not a question, it is a certainty. YOU ARE BAD STUPID. WE are cc’ing all emails to legal because we know your dog is going to cause injury to others given living with you. You just don’t see your dog objectively nor with any canine knowledge. When your dog tears up another into shreds in 9 months, don’t call us. by the way, Lynn uses her parents’ landline signals to commuicate w me, but is only there a few minutes a day. Her parents’ home to get messages to her/her pc is still in Lakeway/ Marina – Dog SupervisorAustin Dog Whisperer Austin Dog [email protected]9-4335 COPY TO LEGAL

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