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Austin-Weston Center for Cosmetic Surgery Epitomes Serious Issues Prevalent in Medical Sector

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Published: 27 July 2017

Posted by: Lawrence D. Chandler

Butchers have replaced surgeons in operation theaters. It’s baffling to see some medical centers or professionals continue to make same mistakes and refuse to learn from past incidents. My name is Martha and I paid a heavy price for putting faith and trust in Austin-Weston Center for Cosmetic Surgery. The kind of pain they put me under caused a lot of damage. They don’t care much about your mental or emotional wellbeing. I don’t see a reason why we should not cancel the certificate or do something to stop these ignorant bastards.
I look back and think I should have done some research. It wasn’t for the first time they’d given a patient epinephrine mistakenly. They’ve been found guilty of doing it in the past. How can they advertise about being the best in market? I don’t know if playing with patient’s life is what makes them the best.
I visited the center on 15th March. I was looking to get some information on liposuction surgery. I was surprised to see a highly experienced team of surgeons taking me through the whole process. I met George W. Weston and Byron D. Poindexter on first meeting. I also met Dr. Robert Sigal and Dr. Christopher Knotts. It was a wonderful experience.
I came back home and checked the official website. I decided to go ahead with decision. What followed afterwards changed my life, forever. I don’t think I’d ever be able to put my trust and faith in medical professionals. They’re acting like criminals. There was no sign of remorse or guilt on their faces. I confronted them on two different occasions later on. It was awful to watch them answer my questions without saying sorry or feeling apologetic.
They appointed Dr. Poindexter to perform the operation. It was all going well. They’re supposed to put me on some kind of medication to prevent vomiting. I should stop the conversation and tell you upfront that these guys were about to commit a mistake they’re found guilty on two different occasions earlier. What a tragedy? Some idiots don’t change. The surgeon wrongly administrated epinephrine. This was it. These guys don’t care about patient’s life.
My body was thrown off balance. I experienced severe chest pain. It was the only time I felt losing the battle to death. I resigned the fate to death thinking my time has come. The operation went fine. There was no other possible reason to react in that manner.
I’ve never been able to solve the riddle. What made Dr. Poindexter to act and behave like a dumb person? It wasn’t even a mistake. It was sheer carelessness. I’ve a perfect explanation for it. When someone thinks too highly of himself and considers himself above others, he becomes an egoistic person blinded by his success and fame. The team at Austin-Weston is selfish, mean and arrogant in nature.
The center introduced a series of changes to make the system effective and stop such incidents from taking place in future. It kills me off to see how these guys didn’t learn a thing and everything they talked about bringing new policies was a lie. It shook me completely from inside.
These medical professionals aren’t different from cheap tricksters. I can’t see the difference between medical team at Austin-Weston Center for Cosmetic Surgery and cheap con artists. These teams are playing the same game with a different set of ambitions and titles. What are the chances these guys won’t use epinephrine, again?
The team at Austin-Weston Center should have taken strong measures considering they’re aware of harmful health effects of epinephrine. I’ve already discussed the details with my lawyer. We’re in the process of filing a case.
I’m going to stand against Austin-Weston Center for Cosmetic Surgery. There’re two reasons for it. I need to be honest with each single member of audience. I’m doing it for family. I want to teach these idiots a lesson. They’ve no right to play with our lives. They should know they’re in profession to save our lives. There should be a way to stop them or ban them. They cannot have a free run. We don’t need another patient to go through a similar experience and then raise our voice against it.
Second, I’m doing it out of social responsibility. Austin-Weston Center should be made to pay for medical negligence. They’ve been warned and given opportunities in the past. There’s no point in offering another chance.

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