Auto Advantage Roadside Assistance

Auto Advantage Roadside Assistance

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Published: 30 August 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

I sign up with this company through my credit card company. So, I have been automatically billed for over a year for roadside assistance. One rainy night, I slid off the road it was dark about 8pm. A kind stranger drove me to town to a dry place so I could call the Roadside assistance company. Well….When I did they were super rude and said SORRY your membership was canceled this feb. I said thats funny since you have been charging me every month. I called home and had them check my statements and YES they did not cancel my memebership. I called them back. Still, Sorry we cant help you. I didn’t make it home that night until 4am exhasted and fuming mad. To make it worse I was charged $200 for the towing and then the next month May they charged me again for the monthy membership fee. I am so mad. I feel so taken advantage of. They have no problem taking my money but they don’t provide the service. AutoAdvantage is a horrible company. Also,they make it so hard to get a hold of them. It just makes me more mad cuz I know they make it that way on purpose. I am sorry to say there is more than one Auto Advantage company out there. This one is for Roadside assistance only. Pissed and Soaked in Hawaii Laura Kailua, HawaiiU.S.A.

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