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Published: 08 March 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

They had put clear packing tape on the tote bag to hold it together.I tried to contact autoarmour to adress this and the message I received was “out of office untill 9/04/2017″ I knew then that I had just been scammed out of $100.00. They don’t provide a phone number so all you can do is email them and that will be the only response you will get. I contacted the credit card company that I used to make this bogus purchase and explained the situation to them and they credited my account back for the $100.00 so I was fortunate to be able to not loose my money on this garbage. Please do not deal with this company, even through Ebay. They are running a HUGE scam on people and giving Ebay a bad name. Autoarmour is a scam website using Ebay to sell Damaged automotive products. When you try to contact them about the item they sent, you can only email them and you will get a reponse of ” out of office untill 09/04/2017″ The only option I had was to call the credit card that I use for PayPal and they said that they would credit my account back the $100.00 that was spent on this garbage. Something needs to be done to stop these people that are using scams to sell junk online. It is giving Ebay a bad name.

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