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Published: 30 November 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

My mom brought in my 1995 Pontiac Grand am to have the timing chain and the water pump changed. The mechanic had my car from November 29th until December 2nd. When she picked up my car the car had a very loud sound in the back of the car where the muffler is. She took the car back to the auto shop on December 3rd and was told that the car needed a catalytic convertor. She was told by Mark that someone drilled holes in my convertor. After taking the car home again the problem still exists with the car. The car was in their possession all of this time. When I brought my car in there was not a problem with the catalytic converter. The car was checked at Pep Boys on November 26th and there was no problem detected with the convertor. I have the auto receipt from Pep Boys. My brother and myself contacted Mark regarding this issue. My mom is elderly. We are not mechanics and rely on what is being told by this auto shop. She has been scammed and jipped by this Auto Shop. It is unfair for this auto shop to get away with this. When the car was brought in to the mechanic we were not told of any holes in the catalytic converter. There was only one loud noise in the front of the car when I brought it in. Why did he keep the car for 4 days without disclosing this information? He should have told us about this issue when I brought it in. The only mechanic to work on the car was done by Auto Care Experts. The two holes had to be done by Auto Care because they were the only mechanics that had possession of the car. Why did’nt he make me aware of the holes when I dropped off the car or picked up the car. You would think that he would tell me before he works on the car or lets me drive away with the car. I should have known about this problem the very first time my car was checked not after the fact. They had the car from Tuesday to Friday. If the work was done correctly we would not have the same issues. My daughter never asked for the work to be done for free. I spoke to him about the car shaking and still having the same noise as when we brought in the care. We asked if the job can be done right. We asked if they can fix what we paid for. It was not until Sam hung the phone up on my daughter that we contacted Better Business Bureau and asked for the full refund. I am asking for the full refund because the car is still having the same issue. The car is still making the same loud noise. When the car was picked up he then gave us another reason why the car was not running. Again why didn’t he tell us about this before hand. My car will no longer turn on. It is in the worst shape. Angelea Plainfield, IllinoisU.S.A.

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