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Auto Citi Towing

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Published: 05 September 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

While visiting my local Planned Parenthood this afternoon at 12:30 pm, located off of Apache and Dorsey in Tempe AZ. I parked my vehicle in the lot just east of the business, not 500 ft away. The lot was connected to a Food City, a laundry mat and a small cafe. I parked my car, with some hesitation, in one of four parking spots with signs that read, “No ASU or Light Rail Parking”. As I stated before I was at the Planned Parenthood, and had no intention of attending ASU or riding the light rail. When I returned to the lot at approximately 1:30 pm my car was no where to be found. However, an elderly woman in a wheelchair was there. She asked me, ” was that your car they just towed?” I replied that it must have been. She went on to tell me that they had attempted to tow another persons car just minutes before they got mine. A man came out of the laundry mat just in the nick of time, when he asked the tow truck driver why he was about to be towed the driver said that he must have identified the wrong car. He then proceeded to hook up to mine, the elderly woman said to him, “why are you taking this car, did you get a complaint or something?” And the driver said no. I then found a sign located else where in the lot with with a tow-away-number listing and called that. When I asked the man why I was towed he said that a witness saw me getting on the rail. When I told him I didn’t take the rail he said I would have to go to the address in Mesa and if I had trouble finding it to look for the red Hummer in the lot (hmmmm I wonder how they paid for that). Upon arriving at SWAT towing I immediately was irate and will admit that I didn’t behave in the most mature manner. However, I will say that the cavemen (and one cavewoman that asked me to leave the building) did not behave even slightly professionally either. When I first approached the counter and gave my towing details I was not presented with any information for the reason of tow. I showed the caveman my receipt from Planned Parenthood with the time of my visit listed. He then told me that it didn’t matter where I was, only that I had left the property (are you supposed to park and stand next to your car?). When asked how he knew if I had left the property, he told me that they had actually received a phone complaint to have the car towed. When I explained what the sign said that I was parked under, I was told that it didn’t matter. So I paid for my car and I left. Because it seems that this company has been granted permission to steal vehicles and then ask for money in return for them. I am sickened. These cavepeople do not have a decent bone in their bodies. And to add insult to injury, they are all shitty liars. Also, to “John” that I spoke to on the phone afterward with when I was still trying to resolve matters. What I went through during the appointment I had earlier that afternoon was not your business and shouldn’t have been disclosed to you. BUT, what you said to me was very hurtful and maybe someday when a caveman says the same thing to your sister, or your mother, or your daughter, or your wife you will feel very sorry for what you said to me. And you will also feel very grateful and fortunate that although the bones in your body may not be decent, they are all still whole.

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