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Published: 27 September 2017

Posted by: Anonymously

Autocredit of Southern Illinois, Benton, location….is a sorry site for a auto dealer, they are only intersted in your money and selling tHe cars that are a danger to you and those around you. They do not care for your safty or your families or anyone else except their own! They might have approved millions in Southern Illinois but I can assure you that very few are happy customers!! I bought my Impala from them because I had heard some positive feed back and thought we would be treated faily. Oh no contraaaarrrrr…! The car has been nothing but a hole to throw away money in. They don’t talk about what you are paying for the car just about how much the payments are. When you ask them they pass right over that nad glaze your eyes with something else. By th time you are done with the paperwork you have forgotten complettly what you asked about and your already “sucked” in….. This is what happened to us at a recent Auto credit flim flam adventure..! We took the car and I just couldn’t shake the feeling that I had just been robbed! Ittle did I kow that feeling was correct!!! I have been robbed and taken to the cleaners by Auto credit of Illinois, Benton location! The car has had multiple problems in the electrical department….and it wouldn’t shift correctly unless you consider jerking in and out of overdrive a correct way for a transmission to act….and the motor was running poorly after we had it na started using daily….I don’t know how long it sat in the back lot but apparently it had sat a long time. So the motor and the transmission was my problem….ok. so I had the trnasmission flushed. that helped ALOT! Finally have the transmission shfting correctly. Now we went on to the motor, since the transmission was acting correct the motor showed its self. Ha to use injector cleaners and have the spark plugs replaced. Now the motor runs correctly, but the Brake system light started coming on and off…it growled and sounded like the front wheels where locking up. and the turn signal started actng funny. Now the head lights are going off in the dark!!!!!! Each ime one of these problems happened you would have to turn the car off (an you hope you are in a place where you can pull off) turn off the car, let is set, then re-start it. It would reset everything and off you would go again. It might not happen again untl the next time you get in it when it’s cold. or it might do it right away….you never could tell. i took it in and the autocredit did replace a light for the turn signal…which they did not have to do (they made that apparent) but, since I had just had the car a week and a half they did out of the goodness of their hearts. Then when the brake and light problem was brought up a couple of weeks later they said they did not repair anything COSMETIC or NOT A SAFTY ISSUE!!!! Well I consider brakes and head lights in the dark A DEFINATE SAFTY ISSUE!!!!! but, not AUTO CREDIT!!! They found a loose wire for the brake system and repaired that, but, the lights where not an issue they would fix. Of course not that is a 600. 00 part! they said they could do it for around 300.00 big hearted otus that they are!!!! It is the multi-switch that controls the lights, window wipers, cruise control, you get the picture…MULTI-SWITCH on the steering colum. Plus the switch recall that is a SAFTY ISSUE WITH THE GOVERNMENT–so much a safty issue that the government has ordered a recall….but what about AUTOCREDIT? NO—-it isn’t an issue for them to fix….we had to take it to another dealer to have it fxed…..WHY? aren’t they an auto dealer? dont they stand behind their cars that they sell….???? apparently not! They even TOLD US IT WAS COVERED IN THE RECALL AND THAT WE WOULD HAVE TO TAKE IT TO ANOTHER DEALER! So……When we told them we could not fix the car and make the $388.00 payment too….and to come and get it…it did not faze them. This car has not moved in 3 weeks..I told them prior to them pulling the next payment it would not go through..I had been through enough. COME AND GET THE CAR. IT IS YOURS!!!!! They did not want that, They contiue to call the 10 friends and relatives that you have to list in order to get a loan….that you will never hear the total that you are paying for or the amount of interest that you will pay…..I thought there was a law against USERY IN ILLINOS… And it is deffinatly USERY!!! You are charged a HUGE INTERST FEE… when Icalled to see what the pay off on the 2002 Impala was it was over 10,000.00??? You have got to be kidding me!!!! I would have not knowlingly signed up for anything that would cost this much!!!! for so little of car!!!! and for so little of care and concern.. The only concern at Auto credit is how much can I get out of them???? And how fasst can we do it. When we repeatedly tell them to come and get the car it is to much of a problem they refuse and CONTINUE TO CALL THE PEOPLE ON OUR LIST!!!! I don’t know why they would call and ask where we are? We just spoke to them this morning? Does this make sence to you? It doesn’t to me…. We have been robbed, used, taken advantage of and abused, by auto credit of benton, and they have ABBUSED MY LIST OF FRIENDS!!!!. by calling them all hours aat work or at home and asking them “where are they” they know good and well we are exactly where we told them this morning… home waiting for them to come and pick up the car since they have it turned off, I can’t drive it to them….. Now they tell us they want to attach a LIEN TO MY HOME!!!! I don’t think so when I am turning the property in question ver to them. I told them before the payment was due it would not clear. Please come and get the car….no they won’t its sitting in the drive way waiting for them….with the key in it…. waiting…… if you are thinking of going to AUTOCREDIT OF SOUTHERN ILLINOIS…DON’T RUN AS FAST AS YOU CAN… SAVE YOURSELF TIME TROUBLE AND HEADACHES!

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