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Published: 15 August 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

Purchased used vehicle in late May, 2008. Took Legal Possession of vehicle (due to dealer delays) on June 9, 2008. Was told I had 60-day full warranty. Due to age and mileage on vehicle, I purchased EXTENDED WARRANTY to take care of any problems that might arise AFTER the initial full warranty promised by dealer. SIXTEEN business days after possession, while ON THE WAY to dealership for PRE-ARRANGED WARRANTY WORK, the engine blew. I had AAA haul the vehicle to the dealership. The dealer kept the vehicle for MORE THAN A MONTH doing NOTHING. Each time I called I was told, “We’re waiting on the warranty adjuster to see the vehicle.” On August 4, 2008, when I went (after many fphone calls and e-mails) to the dealership where I was told by the shop foreman that I DID NOT have a 60-DAY warranty, but a 30-DAY warranty, and that I would have to use the EXTENDED WARRANTY I had purchased to have the engine torn down (at my expense) toe SEE IF IT WAS A REPAIR THAT WAS COVERED BY THE EXTENDED WARRANTY. I explained that I had only had the vehicle SIXTEEN DAYS when the engine blew. NOTHING was said in response. Nothing has been done. I contacted NH Atty. Gen. office and since then have been jumping through the usual hoops of agencies, queries, etc. to get to the point that now litigation is due. Today I find that the business is FOR SALE. Diswangai Salem, MassachusettsU.S.A.

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