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Published: 12 September 2019

Posted by: Christian513

Auto express of Hamilton Not surprising to see that we are not the only ones to have a TERRIBLE EXPERIENCE with these crooks. They Financed a 2004 Saturn oin to my girlfriend. It had front end damage to the bumper and hood, rear end damage to the bumper . We test drove it and they told us we had twenty minutes to bring it back? Not enough time to take it to have it checked out properly. I know cars pretty well and i advised her not to buy this car. She was without a car had a tax return in hand and needed to be to work in two hours. She needed a car to be reliable to get her to work and also safe to transport her and her four year old son! We both work very hard and its a shame that people are out there that would be this heartless. She drove the car to work about a half hour away from the lot I followed her in my truck and when she got to work I stayed to look over the car a little more. I discovered then that the front turn signals didn”t work! and it was not a bulb or fuse issue, also the front right ball joint was badly worn. Witch led me to discover the tire passenger front on the inside almost on the side wall was worn PAST THE STEEL BELTS! Did I mention this car blue booked at about 4, 600 in good condition, witch this car clearly was not and the total price they were going to charge her was just shy of 10, 000 dollars at a 22% interest rate . I called in just four hours after we left the lot and instantly got an attitude. Josh doesn”t have an ounce of respect in his body and his staff is not much better. He pretty much told me it was our problem now its an (as is) thing. This means you sign for it its your problem there is no lemon law to protect you. I ask you this WOULD YOU LET YOUR CHILD RIDE IN THAT CAR?? Could you keep a strait face while you tell a young mother its her problem now and she better not be late on her payment. I told josh when I spoke to him last how I felt about him. Now I am telling you PLEASE AVOID THESE PEOPLE AT ALL COSTS !!!

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