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I would not recommend anybody to go here!

I called them to get a quote on how much it would cost me to fix up some things on my Vehicle, so I was told that would be $200. Further I told them that I had to get some of my equipment calibrated on my vehicle. So these are that would cost me an extra $ 40 approx. So I was happy with the charges and I showed up the next day. And just to find out that the quoted price just went up. I was told that. The information that I was shared was for a 2010 model, but since my vehicle was a 2018 model I would have to pay a total of $ 500 approx. The price just drastically went up. There was nothing that I could do. I wonder if this is how they get customers nonetheless since I had taken the day off from work, so Either he’s I had to get it done and I had no other appointments where I could go to so I asked them to get it done. For I peed them they were very eager. To help me out. Very polite as soon as I paid them the price before getting the work done their attitude completely changed that lady behind the counter. She was least bothered to help me with my problems her face never showed a single inch of concern. Because they have already been paid. The money is already in their pocket. They don\’t care what happens to me next. I told them that the systems on my vehicle need to be calibrated. They said that I would have to get it done elsewhere. So the price that I peed her was just for fixing the parts of my vehicle. No system calibration. They told me that they had nothing that would help me calibrate my system because the equipment’s were missing. They did not have the equipment\’s. I told her that the day before when I had called in somebody hadn’t found me that the systems could be calibrated there and they do go through system calibrations.

To this she replied that she doesn’t know who could have told me that because there were no such equipments. So she is basically calling me a liar. I mean Have you ever checked your phone records? You said you do not do system calibration. I am an utter shock. And they playing around with me. Even more so I had to get my car calibrated at a different place and they informed me that the previous technician who pulled out my windshield to fix it at damaged a sensor as well. So I had to pay $ 1000 extra. Just for that. I mean, they\’re not running a business. This is definitely not professional. They just playing around with customers. This is definitely not somewhere.

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