Auto-graphix Tim Jenkins

Auto-graphix Tim Jenkins

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Published: 21 December 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

this is about a business that has been in the phoenix area for over 15 years and has takin advantage of not only the public but all of the employees as well, being a former employee i can say that everything i will say is a fact and always the truth . i am presently being sued by the owner of auto-graphix, for among other things trademark infringement, unfair competition, invasion of privacy and conversion. not only in 1 court of law but 2 here in arizona, superior, and justice court, now i would like to know how a business owner who has never paid a dime for any of his employees workmans comp, social security, unemployment, and so on, also no taxes,or any payroll tax, and who has willfully and knowingly embezzled large amounts of money from car dealerships can have such an ego to believethat he is above the law? and have the nerve to make the state judicial system try to work in his favor and continue to try to extort money from [as if he doesnt have enough already] an ex-employee who did everything he could to help the business grow? used his own vehicle without any employer paid maintainence or compensation for mileage who very rarely if ever took a vacation ,except when forced to take time off without pay so the boss could make some x-tra money to support his lavish lifestyle or to impress a new girlfriend. last but not least someone who is so greedy that they went to the state to obtain 3 trademarks so they could try and sue me and hire an attorney, pay out over 6,000 dollars to try and prove a point and to try to force me to do what he wants me to do is nothing short of absurd and a waste of not only the courts and the judges time but also a waste of our taxpayers time, oh and by the way speaking of paying taxes, i dont beleive auto-graphix does since i never recieved a w2 in the last 5yrs? whats up with that? the owner once told me that he absorbed me? whatever that means? i have started my own auto graphics business and that seems to be a real bother to this person although ther was never any contracts or non complete clause signed. and all i want to do is go to work everyday and try to feed my family, but in this life i guess thats asking to much so we will continue to be taking advantage of buy greedy power and money hungry individuals. and by the way i now have realized that not only will there be no social security or any kind of retirement, nor will i be able to ever collect unemployment, so you can see the greedy get more of what they need [or think they need?]and the humble poor guy will just try and survive ! i guess when you have enough money the law does not apply to you ? i certianly hope that this year auto-graphix takes a little of all thatmoney i earned for the company and buys a christmas angel or 2 from a tree in one of the malls to help out the ones that really matter in this world , the poor children who have almost nothing to be thankful for, i know that thats what ill be doing this year because lets face it do you really need to spoil yourself anymore auto-graphix dont take the childrens money too isnt everybody elses enough anymore??? Steve phoenix, ArizonaU.S.A.

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