Auto Limites - Jaime Perdomo

Auto Limites - Jaime Perdomo

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Published: 19 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

I was refered to Mr Perdomo to replace the clutch in my Mitsubishi Montero. First of when I picked up my truck and went to drive home my hood was not latched and flew open. The only thing they had to say when I called and told them of damage to my truck from them not closing my hood properly was “sorry”. No offer to fix anything. I got about 5 miles down the street and a truck that when I last driven it was so quiet you swore it died when you came to a stop was squeeling so lound you could not stand the noise and before I got it home it popped very loudly. I immidiately called back again and spoke with Mr. Perdomo he said to bring it back and he would drive to see what was wrong. Once he got in my vehicle, and drove it down the road and back told me my transmission was going out and it was the differential that was going out. Even though I am female I do know mechanics. The differtial on a vechile is where the transmission connect to the drive shaft.. I ask Mr Perdomo you had to drop my transmission to replace my clutch. He agreed then still adamently denided anything was his wrong doing, but to bring it in and he would look at it. When I went to bring my vehicle back in he refused to look at it. He said nothing was his fault and would not even look at my truck. He said he’d honor the clutch and it had a lifetime warrenty on it. It is not 8 months later and a BRAND NEW CLUTCH shall we say “supposed” brand new clutch is going out again. I drive my truck to the store at the end of the block and back. There is no possible way I could wear out a new clutch that fast. Especially since I’m 28 and have been driving standards since my very first at 16. I had someone else look at my engine and transmission after the work Mr Perdomo did and they had to unweld the oil pan from the transmission. How they put back my transmission has cracked my exhaust. Not one groundwire was reconnected and the linkage for my gears have been bent. Also I never authroized Mr Perdomo to get my truck inspected I just him to have all the fluids changed. My truck still had plates from Arkansas, no flashers, no horn, and no proof of insurance. So I would like to know how I passed inspection, and I did not get the inspection blue sheet for registration for out of state vehicle. So I am spending much more in repairs than I ever imagined, from this man fixing my truck. I spent $950 with this man, and all I’ve asked him to do if fix what he messed up and honor the warrenty on my clutch. The last I spoke with Mr Perdomo he told me “so why don’t you just sue me b*tich” and hung up on me when was trying get him to fix the transmission problems. I called today and asked him about the “supposed” lifetime warrenty on my clutch and he laughed said good luck and hung up once more. This is appauling to me. This man here is why mechanics get such a bad rep. Now, I have more issues with my truck than I can afford to repair. I would have never taken my vehicle there if he did not come so highly recomended by several of my male friends. So it leads me to believe that it is a problem he has with women. I do know that most women do not know about vehicles. My dad made me learn how to work on one before I was allowed to drive one. But, replacing a cluch when living in an apartment and having to drop a transmission is not something I could do so I relied upon word of mouth and have been sadly burned. Candace Dallas, TexasU.S.A.

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