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Published: 07 March 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

I purchased well I thought I purchased a vehicle from Auto Loan Finders, only to find out the hard way that the purchase was a joke. The salesperson Jack Smith fed me all this b/s about the deal being approved, etc. Well first off let me say this, I applied online and received an email saying I was approved for 100% and when the day called to schedule me an appointment, we asked her to make sure it was right @ 100% approval. She confirmed it and once we met with the sales person, he too said the say thing, but the catch is, you pay the doc fee, tax fee, tag, etc, which the minimum is $1095. (Jack told me that the tax, etc was actually less than $700). Well I got a letter in the mail saying I would have to pay the tag fee. Okay, I started having problem with the car 2 wks later, I called the service dept and I was told you can bring it in and leave it but you would have to find your own way home. That was not going to work provided that I purchased the car in order to get to work and around. So, we did a temp fix, on my way to where I was going, it broke down again. I got it fixed and then took it to a shop and paid for it myself. But that is not the only problem I had with the car. Two days after the purchase, I went to the service dept, and the service man said, he had to take the care to another shop to have it fixed two hours later, he returns and say, we could not fix your car. I was livid then.(While I was sitting there waiting, another customer had a problem and still under warranty, they tol dher she would have to pay $1700 to get the car fixed or it would be a voluntary repossion)That should have been my very first clue then, but no, I like to give people the benefit of the doubt. They have such great programs for people with not so great credit during this time. I was able to drive off the lot with the car and make payments on the down payment. I have done such and was about to make my final payment when all of a sudden my vehicle was repossed. When I called the company the rep said she said she did not have anything in her computer. She told me to call IDA,(same company) and only to find out they respossed the car and that I would have to pay $1200. to get the car back. How can they repo a car that the deal was not closed to begin with and then charge me all this money. My first payment was not due until the following month. Now keep in mind, the deal is not final so I asked for my money back and I was told no, in fact you still need to pay us $395 or he(dave) will be forced to do some things. I told him hell do it. I will see him in court. Lesson learn, do yur homework, don’t buy anything from Auto Loan finders, don’t trust Hall, don’t do business with IDA and record all calls and conversations.(I did) LET ME MENTION JACK SMITH USED TO WORK FOR BILL HEARD, THE NEXT OR THE BIGGEST CROOK IN ALL OF GEORGIA!!!!! I hope that we can get a class action lawsuit against them and make them close their doors. Trouble4u Marietta, GeorgiaU.S.A.

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