Auto Master Of Springfield Missouri

Auto Master Of Springfield Missouri

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Published: 09 September 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

My husband and I went to Auto Master after a long day of looking for a quality used SUV. When we went in to see about thier prices, we were met at the door and took back to a salesmens desk. We told him which one we were interested in, a ’97 Olds Bravada, and were told “this vehicle had been through a VERY indepth inspection in Ark where they do all of the cars!” HAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!! First when we went to test drive it, I noticed the door sagging a bit. Not THAT big of a deal with the age and all, not realy THAT big of a deal. We were told it would be fixed for us when we went in to have the inspection done. There were a couple of VERY MINOR other things, a small leak in the hatch and the spare was the wrong size. Well we though OK no biggie. This was Oct 1st 2008. When we took it in to have the inspection done we had to wait a week to get the ball joints replaced as they were bad enough not to pass the inspection. We also had the door pin fixed as well. We STILL have not had the leak fixed, and we just had a BAD flood and guess what,,,,,,my truck was flooded all up to the back of the front seats!!!! I called as soon as this was noticed and was told “Well it all depends on if the salesman remembers telling you that he would fix that!” I went in the next day because the salesman was off that day of the flooding. He said “Ya I remember that!” and then I was told as soon as the “big guy” got in the next day they would call me to let me know what was going on…….And guess what NO CALL!!! I am writing this because this is one of MANY problems we have had with Auto Master. Our payments were supposed to be set on bi-weekly but THEY PUT IT IN THIERE COMPUTER WRONG and set it for weekly, so we were getting the “your late on your payment!” calls. We have had to replace the Ball joints, door pin, put it in to another shop because the door pin was not put in right and the door latch caved in to the side of the truck, fuel pump, tranny, transfer case went out. A few other things but you see our point, we were told these were “VERY GOOD VEHICLES!” We have been paying late payments that we never even knew about for 5 months now and we found this mistake after the 3rd week we had the truck……….This issue was FINALY made right 2 weeks ago (in March)!! We also knew we were paying too much for this SUV, but we honestly had no choice, that is how they get people in the door is they will take money from ANYONE!!! We have not so good credit and didn’t want a high payment because of our not so good credit. To say the least THEY ARE OUTRAGIOUSLY over priced. Drive by and look at wheat they have on thier lot, NOTHING on thier lot is under $9,500!!!!!! Our lemon is costing us a bit more then this. If ANYTHING good ever comes out of this, if we can stop 1 person from going there this post will be SO WORTH IT!!! STAY AWAY FROM AUTO MASTER OF SPRINGFIELD PLEASE!!!!!!!! Angie Springfield, MissouriU.S.A.

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