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Published: 24 January 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

This is a new twist on the same old bait and switch. Promise the world, pay your fee, deliver nothing of real value. The promise is you will make huge amounts of money, but don’t try it because the only person making big money is the people who tricked you into senging them $49.95 A new version of this will pop up in a few months when this one has its fake news press releases all pushed down in the search engine exposing how people paid and never made any money! Not available of course. Save your money this is another up front fee deception! This is a new twist on the same old bait and switch. Promisses of huge profits and once you pay your $49.95 you get information and never make a dime! I have seen this same theatrical type of deception many times. Using actors to convince you to send money so they can live a lavish lifestyle at your expense. Here is how it works. Get the watcher of the video all excited that they finally get to be rich and live the good life. Make it very convincing and just long enough they feel their time is invested and its worth the $9.95 for a life of wealth right?! Wrong they take your $49 and send you a useless system that makes zero money. They sold you infomraiton so its legal, but moral is a whole different story. Classic buyer beware once your money is gone all you can due is sue to get it back. The lawyer will cost much more than the $50 you just threw away and they are counting on you just blowing it off. Once enough people post online that this is a lie then all their fake press released and reviews finally don’t dominate the search engines and they simply do a new video, set up a new web site, and add a new twist to the lies. This is very much the modern version of the old mail order scams. These were letters sent in the mail saying if you just paid $49 they would send you what you need to make thousands every month! Of course they sent you worthless junk. .

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