Auto P.I, Auto P.I., Auto P.I Professional Used Car Inspections,John,

Auto P.I, Auto P.I., Auto P.I Professional Used Car Inspections,John,

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Published: 30 November 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

BEWARE: these people do a poor job on inspections and then get angry when you confront them on their poor work. I was about to purchase a vehicle that looked good and ran well. I am no mechanic, but I have delt with vehicles enough to know beyond the basics. I thought since I was going to invest my money into this car I may as well get a professional to look at it. I looked up used car inspection and found AUTO P.I. (a fully mobile service). I called and spoke to JOHN. He arranged for a mechanic to meet me so they could inspect the vehicle. They claim its a 600 point inspection on their website, but on the invoice it only has about 90 things on there. How they arrived at 600 is anyone’s guess. Anyhow, the mechanic looked at it and wrote a couple things wrong with it, but said it was nothing major. Based on this report I bought the car(in hindsight I realize I was wrong to trust these thieves) After buying the vehicle I took it for a waxing. I waxed it myself so I notice little details. When looking I noticed that the rear glass window was NOT properly installed( a safety hazard)…I also realized the seat belt in drivers seat was not functioning correctly( a severe safety hazard). I called back that Friday and spoke to John again and he said he would have the same mechanic meet me up to look at it on Monday at 8:00AM.(mechanics name can not be read from invoice do to sloppy writing, looks like it starts with a “B”) Monday comes around and I call. John immediately starts making excuses to be a NO SHOW for the 8AM he said on FRIDAY… hyping up the mechanics credentials and stating that the mechanic doesn’t make those kinds of mistakes and using “his experience” in the auto business as a thinly disguised attempt to relieve himself from having to refund my money, and admitting his mistake ($129) for failing to see such BLATANT DEFECTS. I explained to him that if they had done the inspection AS ADVERTISED on their site(600 point) that those things could not have possibly been missed. He proceeded t ignore what I was saying and kept on repeating the mechanics “master certification” and other kinds of credentials that liars use to hide behind when they know they did wrong and got caught. I explained that I needed the mechanic to look at his oversights and to refund my money for the POOR JOB that they did. JOHN GOT AN ANGRY ANNOYED TONE and stated that “We aren’t gonna refund your money, and we aren’t gonna do anything else for you, goodbye” and hung up. I tried calling back and when JOHN realized it was me he repeated that he wasn’t gonna do anything else and hung up on me again.(GOES TO SHOW WHAT KIND OF OPERATION THEY RUN) I’m sure one of the Auto P.I guys will come on here and try to say otherwise, deny what I said, make more excuses for their behavior,or otherwise try to make light of my hazardous defect complaints(as John did over the phone), but the fact is they failed to see BLATANT SAFETY HAZARDS and REFUSED TO CORRECT THE PROBLEM WITH EITHER A RE-CHECK OR REFUND. DON’T BE FOOLED like I was. Their website might impress you with all the detailed content, but the inspection itself was not detailed at all and not worth the $129. Save your money and pay a mechanic you trust or a friend. DO NOT TRUST THESE PEOPLE…they just seem to care about the $129 and couldn’t care less about actually doing a proper inspection. If they come on here with testimonials that doesn’t mean anything, take it from me a REAL customer THEY ARE NOT PROFESSIONAL. Had John corrected the situation there would be no need to post this report, now I am posting to warn others before they lose $129 and get into a defective car. N Austin, TexasU.S.A.

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