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Published: 07 September 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

I sent this letter to The Department of Consumer Arrairs: California Department of Consumer Affairs 400 R Street, STE 1080 Sacramento, CA 95814 Re: Auto Parts Warehouse dot com Dear Consumer Affairs, Here’s a little money making idea to increase profits. How about a business that sells customers one particular item and delivers a much less expensive item in its place? The way to get by with this, is to make it so difficult to return the inferior item(s).. with all the numerous phone calls and different departments to negotiate, one’s tempted to just give up and use the discount part. Here’s what happened: I ordered a Ishino Head Gasket Set for my vehicle. The cost was $116.95 and $153.77 with shipping. I paid with my Pay Pal account. Within a couple of days I receive a Stone Head Gasket Set. These Stone sets generally retail for $66.00, give or take a few dollars and depending where one shops for them. Please see the copy of the Packing Slip dated 10/22/08. After numerous phone calls and asking to speak to a supervisor they promised the right part if only I’d re-order and they would refund my first purchase price. I resisted but, that’s what we ended up doing. This time, for some reason, I paid $166.35 using Pay Pal. I down-loaded a Fedex label and within a few days, the 1st Stone set was picked up and a 2nd head gasket set was delivered. Here’s the real problem. Auto Parts Warehouse sent another Stone Gasket set. The same darn part! Can you believe it? Please see P/S dated 10/24/08. I hope you order some part from these people to test what I’m saying. I have returned the 2nd wrong part and was promised (after several phone calls and tremendous amount of time on hold) a Felpro Head Gasket Set as a replacement. Well, this hasn’t happen. I’ve been lied to and mislead. I would like to pursue any legal remedy I may have. Since all this happened, my Pay Pal account has been credited $112.96 November 3rd. Please note that isn’t even the full price spent. Wouldn’t you agree, Auto Parts Warehouse is pretty deceitful. They’ve trained their employees well and have an answer for everything to elude or mask problems. Even the packing slips are pretty vague. The part numbers don’t match the parts on-line or the parts shipped and there are no prices reflected on them. One of my last conversations was with a (supposed supervisor) Casie. Casie promised to send me a Felpro Gasket set that retails for about $10.00 more. I did offer to pay the difference, but she wanted me to send the 2nd wrong set back and reorder. I said, No way! Casie finally agreed to send the Felpro and not charge the difference in price. As you may conclude, that’s some of their extensive training just to conclude a difficult conversation. I’ll get my phone bill in a few days and it will reflect the amount of time I’ve spent trying to order a simple head gasket set. Please advise me on what steps I may take to recover my money. I intend to send a copy of this letter to Auto Part Warehouse if you think that’s a good idea. Please let me know. I certainly would welcome a phone call or communication from you as to what I may do. Please research these people. What they’re doing is wrong. Sincerely yours, Jim Bardstown, KentuckyU.S.A.

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